10 Best Software Testing Communities To Be Followed In 2021


Software testing is one of the most precious and important phases in product development. Not only do you find bugs that could improve the quality but also it has a direct impact on your customers, ROI and business if not done in the right manner. There are abundant resources available online or offline but only a handful of them can guide or provide you with the information you require.  Below is a list of a few communities which a tester must follow to get the latest updates on testing or to get the tutorials on testing technologies or if you’re planning for a QA interview, you will get a solution to all your real-time problems. 


This community aims at providing quality education free for all. The cost of education has increased immensely over the years. So in order to learn new technologies, you are required to pay a hefty amount in college, or when you have enrolled in any offline/online course. Their vision is fun and free education for all. I myself had learnt many new testing tools from this website. Various domains are covered on their page like testing, SAP, Big Data, web and many more. They start from the basics and cover all the major topics. They offer live projects as well to get hands-on knowledge on the topic. If you subscribe to their website they even send you daily emails to cover topics on a regular basis. They have a presence on all popular social media channels. Just follow them to stay updated and keep learning.

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DZone helps technology professionals with the knowledge, tools, updates and strategies to build the future. It is one of the world’s largest online communities and a well-known publisher of resources for software professionals. They have articles that you can read, comment, and share or submit your own article. Ref Cards are the cheat sheets to guide on certain tools and technologies. Trend reports to make you aware of the latest trends and has 14 different zones covering all the categories students need knowledge on. Their content comes for people like us only who share their knowledge on their website which is internally reviewed by the Dzone team before publishing on its website. BookMark this site on your machine to get the latest insights on testing methodologies, test automation, test management and many more.



It is one of the well-known and fastest-growing testing communities to perform cross-browser testing on the cloud. LambdaTest allows developers and testers to perform automated and manual testing on 2000+ browsers with different configurations. It is trusted by over 400,000+ software professionals. 

LambdaTest helps users to perform live interactive manual cross-browser testing or end to end selenium automation test on cloud. Their goal is to empower professionals with a single integrated system where they can perform all their tests completely and confidently. Many companies like Deloitte, Capgemini, Scholastic and many others use this platform to run thousands of manual and automation tests on LambdaTest platform.

LambdaTest Community – https://community.lambdatest.com/ 



ToolsQA is one of the popular destinations for QA professionals. It offers free online tutorials for all QA related tools/technologies. Earlier the site was named QTP but now it is changed to Tools QA. Hundreds of QA folks have been trained to make a successful career in automation.

It offers both videos and online tutorials related to Selenium, DevOps, framework and many other technologies. Online Selenium training is also provided which is a paid course if anyone wants to enrol in it. Everyone who wants to grow and learn in QA related technologies, do follow this site to stay updated and learn these skills. 



It’s a knowledge hub for all testers. This famous community is an initiative by a few passionate and like minded software testers with an objective to help the testing people based out of Mumbai. They mainly want to change the way Testing is seen in India by encouraging testers to focus more on learning and innovation. They are aiming to create offline and online platforms where the testers can collaborate, learn and grow. More than 10k+ testers are involved in 10 cities as per the stats given on TheTestTribe website. Community is present on all social platforms so go follow it to stay updated and connect with all the testers around.



TesterWork is a community of 50000+ testers around the globe which was started in 2013 made up of the best testers in the world. They conduct local meetups @TestaThon by travelling all over the world. Events are already organized at locations like Thailand, Mexico, Brazil and many more.

This will give individuals an opportunity to take part in exciting projects and also to learn from the best people across the globe. Regular feedback to testers is given on how they can improve. TesterWork have teams in Romania and the Philippines who work with their testers through their to provide assistance on these tricky and unique projects. Local testers are invited to attend events on how they can improve QA practices based on their knowledge of testing over 6480 unique apps



This community was started back in 2007. Earlier it was named as The Software Testing Club.

Ministry of Testing also has a software testing conference TestBash which was started in 2012 to conduct face to face awesome events. They not only run one conference now but multiple other conferences and training events have started. All the community members participate in the events and are the driving force behind these events. They have a learning community as well Dojo which is accessible to all the members. To stay updated do follow their community conversation on channels like the Ministry of Testing and testers chat.



This community founded by Doron Reuveni and Roy Solomon has 500,000+ testers across the world where 1000+ testers are added every single day. It is home to freelance software testers who want to learn new skills, earn extra money out of them. Here you will find free training for all testers, also there are paid projects and opportunities of all categories. Their vision is to build a global community of crowd testers, testing on real devices in real time. It was also named as an emerging innovative tech by Gartner. You could also enhance your testing skills, read multiple articles, find paid projects and get in touch with the best people about technology,career etc.



Its vision was to establish a testing community network in India- to exchange, collaborate and share knowledge in the software testing domain. It is a place for every engineer from any domain, country or company. Here you can share your knowledge, interact with other software testing folks and expand your network. Community-Z has articles and video content to get more information on your specific domain

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It is the web’s first and most known interactive testing community exclusively involved in improving software quality throughout the software development lifecycle. From the time it was launched it has been the place for software testers, professionals and whosoever is keen in knowing about in depth concepts of software testing. It covers almost all major topics like test automation, test management, design techniques, agile testing, test tools, articles, interviews and many more. Being a member of this community you can get access to premium content and most importantly the membership is free of cost so go and enroll in it. Your membership will include below benefits:-

  • Community interaction.
  • Receive email notifications.
  • Full Access to Q&A boards.
  • Hundreds of exclusive articles from experts and professionals focusing on practical side of testing.
  • Keep up with the latest information and cutting edge test methods.


. It is a global and popular software testing and quality assurance community that has around 50000+ professionals associated with it. Community helps in providing these members with information, education and networking opportunities. 

Also they provide valuable white papers, conferences, training to software testers. Bookmark this website for the future to enhance your facts on the latest happening in the software testing industry. You can contribute to this community by subscribing to it. 



There would be many other communities that can provide up to date information on software testing, test strategies, test methodologies; and various other concepts of testing. I have listed 11 such communities above which you can follow; subscribe to stay ahead and in-line with other professionals across the globe. Hope you liked the article! Also please let us know in comments if you follow any other community or testing blog apart from these; and how you have benefited by following them. Also you can share good/bad experiences if you are already following any of the above mentioned communities.

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