10 best war games you can play right now


There are different preferences when it comes to choosing the best war game. Each category has its own standards. Since the start of the gaming-history, PC war-games have been among the top-pick for users all around the world. With the practice of video games, a person can discover their performance potential in planning, organization, coordination and control strategies, in a fun way. Gamers have found that war games have a lot to offer, including strategy tests, adventures, a sense of alliances with other users, and much more, while it also allows to do it in a practical way. Someone can connect at any free-time available and have an entertaining time interacting in a virtual reality.

The aforementioned features make war-based video gaming a convenient and appealing choice for many sectors of society, let alone boys. Due to the increased demand, it is possible to find novel games coming out each year, adding up to the still popular games from the past. In this context, it is not evident which games are the best or the most popular ones. In this list we will introduce you to some of our top-picks games regarding the war category, that you can try right now. So keep reading and get ready for a fun game-night.

Our Top Pick

1. Call of Duty®: Black Ops: You have probably heard the title of this war game as it is one of the most populars for PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii and even Nintendo. After more than 10 years, many players still prefer this first-person shooting game over many other new ones.

2. Battlefield: Bad Company™ 2: This is a fighting 3D video-game for PC awarded due to its high quality graphics. Here, the players will experiment with many transports while they are battling in a vehicular attack. Users are allowed to blow the opponent, making new reward points.

3. Hell Let Loose: This amazing video-game will take you to several representative fights where you will act just like any other soldier trying to cooperate with your squad to achieve the triumph.

4. World of Warship: This is a great option if you are looking for a new free game to play on your PC and enjoy the definitive MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) adventure video-game, based on World War.

5. War Thunder: It takes the players into an authentic, epic war experience with a huge amount of fighting items belonging to World War II.

6. World of Tanks: The theme for this easy action game is world war, which uses tanks as the battle-vehicle. If you are looking forward to playing with amazing graphics, this is a game you need to try.

7. Pavlov VR: This 2017 game will not disappoint you if you want to experiment with some great Virtual Reality (VR) gaming. You have the option to play offline as well as online.

8. ARMA 3: You can play it on your PC, Linux or macOS, and you will enjoy the adventure of becoming the greatest tactical shooter. This game allows you to create your preferred scenario.

9. Rome: Total War: One of the best real-time strategy games, re-creating some of the most famous battles in history. So, you will experience the ancient wars.

10. Company of Heroes: It’s a real-time war game that you can play on your PC if you like games based on World War I. Here you will put your strategic capability to test in order to overcome the obstacles of the game.

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