10 Easy Meal Preps for Muscle Building


Muscle building is never an easy task and requires that you take the right types of food, and engage in the recommended physical activities. You can get started by challenging your body and choosing to engage in serious workout programs. But you should know that if you don’t get enough nutritional support, your desire to build muscle may not go far. Foods that are rich in proteins are necessary to help you gain muscle, but fats and carbohydrates are also necessary because they help supply your body with enough energy. Since your goal is to increase your muscle mass. You should ensure that you eat foods that offer enough calories every day. However, other than a fantastic diet, you should get anti-Estrogen supplements since this helps you gain muscle and lose fat fast.

Here are 10 easy meal preps that can help you with muscle building.

1. Spicy Chicken with Couscous

This meal is not only super tasty but also well-balanced. It’s bursting with flavor and it offers a simple way where you can liven your everyday routine from plain rice and old chicken. You will appreciate that it’s got enough calories to keep you moving towards your goal.

2. Seared Tuna Steak & Sweet Potato Wedges

A seared tuna steak is an easy choice that you can try anytime. When served with sweet potato wedges and pink peppercorns, you can always appreciate being able to eat a diet that is not only interesting but which provides lots of protein in one meal.

3. Lean, Creamy Sausage Pasta

Try a creamy sausage that is very high in protein and makes it your next meal after your workout. It’s sweet, and since it uses some quark instead of cream cheese, you can keep it lean, but without compromising on the flavor which the food offers.

4. One-Pot Lentil Dahl

You can cook your lunch in advance before you commence your workouts with this incredibly flavorsome, high-protein lentil. What makes it more interesting is that it’s vegan friendly, and loaded with enough fibers and proteins, which is what a person who is interested in building muscle requires.

5. Quick Spicy Cajun Salmon & Garlicky Veges

A spicy salmon that is served with garlicky vegetables is something that every person who works out should try. What’s more is that salmon has more omega three, which helps you to build muscles pretty quickly.

6. Breakfast Burritos

This can be your breakfast for the entire week, and it will help to brighten your mornings.

7. Superfood Overnight Oats

This is a superfood that has powerful ingredients that include extracts of green tea, flax, and chia among others.

8. High-Protein Kedgeree

This makes a serious upgrade from meals that contain chicken that is served with broccoli. It’s delicious and nutritious.

9. Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad

This high-protein meal changes how you prepare your chicken meal forever. With buffalo sauce, you are assured that everything will be better.

10. Shrimp served with sweet potatoes

This is easy to prepare, and it’s amazingly delicious.


When building muscles, you need sweetened and delicious meals that provide enough amounts of proteins which help your muscles to recover and also grow fast. But other than proteins, you also have to consume enough fats and carbohydrates.

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