10 fun things to do in college

fun things to do in college

Meeting new people, playing sports, attending a college dorm party, spending time abroad, living on a shoestring, or doing something crazy are all experiences you can’t miss during your college years. 

University is one of the experiences that most marks the life of an individual, especially because it is a stage in which you define a lot about yourself. While it is important that you focus on getting the most out of your studies, they should also be years in which you are filled with fun, unexpected, surprising, crazy and impulsive memories.

If you want to make these years the best of your life, this is a list of fun things you should do.

Meet lots of different people

Take advantage of every opportunity you have to get closer to people who are outside your group of friends, you could find extremely valuable people both personally and professionally for the rest of your life.

Write in university publications

The experience of being able to make your opinions public is one of the best things about college. As well as being an opportunity to master new skills, it could also be interesting for your resume.

Practice a sport you like

In addition to being good for your health, playing sports is also a great way to integrate with other young people. So as soon as you enter college, apply to be part of the team of that sport that you enjoy so much.

Don’t miss the end of semester parties

College is a time full of parties; Although it is true that you will not always be able to attend all of them, once in a while do not miss the opportunity to attend these events in which you will surely have a lot of fun, in addition to making new friends and great memories. Whether it’s an official party organized by the university or an unofficial college dorm party, you should attend them all, because after graduation, you will not get a chance like this.

Join student groups

The university is a stage to define perspectives or opinions. For this reason, joining a group of students or supporting a cause are good strategies to start developing your position in life.

Sharing with exchange students

When it comes to meeting people, you should not make exceptions, therefore, when they have exchange students at the university, do not hesitate to approach them. These young people will take you to discover new cultures, lifestyles, as well as endless other interesting things.

Study a semester abroad

Why not become an exchange student yourself for a change. College is an excellent opportunity to travel the world. When you are ready, analyze the possibility of going to study outside your country for a while; an enriching experience not only academically, but also personally.

Learn to live with little money

Unless you have a job, during college you will not have large amounts of money. As unmotivating as it may seem at first glance, this limitation will help you learn to manage with little money.

Do not miss the opportunity to do something crazy

The follies or impulses of the university become anecdotes for the future. So once in a while, take the opportunity to put on a Mexican hat, sneak into the pool at night or stay up late chatting with colleagues.

Don’t waste a single day

Do not miss a second of the university stage, an ideal time in your life to meet people, live new experiences and see the positive side of things. Do not forget that these are the best years of your life.


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