10 Luxury Travel Accessories Totally Worth the Money!


Admittedly, a lot of travelers love to travel cheap. But there are a few amazing luxury travel accessories worth the money which we simply cannot ignore. Most items will only require you to spend money on them just once and then only after the item has been well-used and worn out. It’s an investment that will enable you to travel not just safer but also smarter this year. But what are these luxury travel accessories worth the money? Take a quick peek at the list below for a better idea. Take that wallet out and splurge on some of the best luxury travel accessories for men, women, and kids alike!

Must-Have the following Luxury Travel Accessories:

You may find some of the items on the list to be unique travel accessories. Nevertheless, these are amazing luxury travel accessories worth the money and must-haves on any trip. These travel products will come in handy even if you’re booking last minute flights for an unplanned trip. Have a glance at the luxury travel products you simply must splurge on listed below.

1. Washable Travel Pillow

Sleeping on airplanes is not easy. Not knowing where to put your head and which angles won’t cause you neck pain can be challenging. Thereby, a washable travel pillow is among the best travel accessories for long flights. It will help you get some much-needed sleep and minimize jet lag. It’s among the best air travel accessories along with eye masks and noise-canceling earphones.

2. Packing Cubes

Why is this among the luxury travel accessories worth the money? Well, because packing cubes make packing and unpacking a breeze. You can categorize your items using these and easily keep track of everything you’ve packed. Getting this is an especially great tip for solo travelers who don’t have travel companions to depend on for their packing and unpacking needs.

3. Waterproof Jacket

We can’t always carry an umbrella. So, if you’re traveling somewhere you know there will be rainfall, invest in a good waterproof jacket. This will help you traverse through your new destination instead of having to cancel sightseeing plans due to rains. Waterproof pants and backpack cover are also great luxury travel accessories worth the money if you plan on enjoying monsoon hikes.

4. Good Quality Hiking Boots

Travelers who also happen to be avid hikers will know how important hiking boots are. You cannot buy cheap shoes and expect to have a comfortable hike. No matter how scenic the landscape, you will not enjoy it if your feet are aching. So check all luxury travel accessories brands and purchase the best quality hiking boots before your trip.

5. Anti-Crease Shirt Transporter

This is a boon for corporate travelers perpetually booking business class flights for work trips. Waterproof and unbelievably lightweight, these anti-crease shirt transporters are among the best luxury travel accessories worth the money for business travelers. 

6. Sturdy Laptop Bag

If you’re thinking that purchasing a costly laptop bag seems like an unnecessary expense, think again. A good laptop bag will do more than just protect your laptop. Buy one that is well-padded, water-resistant, easy to wear, and has several compartments to store other things such as your travel documents, mobile chargers, earphones, and the like.

7. Universal Travel Adapter

Many times, we traverse through different regions and don’t know what kind of adapters we will need in each place. To be on the safe side, invest in a high-quality universal travel adapter. That way, you’ll be able to plug your devices in and charge them no matter which part of the world you travel to. Isn’t it among the best luxury travel accessories worth the money!

8. Portable WiFi Hotspot

Carrying all those fancy gadgets and not having the internet to use them is kind of unfortunate. If you rent or purchase a portable WiFi hotspot, you will be able to connect your devices to WiFi in any part of the world. You won’t even need to worry about internet roaming charges or rely solely on your hotel’s WiFi connection. Travel with technology at your fingertips.

9. Global Entry

It makes sense for those who travel for a living to get Global Entry. However, this is among those luxury travel accessories worth the money that all travelers will find useful. Think about all those seemingly endless, serpentine queues you’ll be able to avoid. For a handful of bucks, you can get a membership that lasts for a good couple of years.

10. Nonstop Flights

Tight layovers, messy airports, noisy crowds, jet lag, and travel stress can drive anyone mad. That’s why you must invest in direct flights whenever possible. This is among the best luxury travel accessories worth the money. By paying a bit more, you can get nonstop international flight tickets to your destination without having to deal with the hassle of layovers.

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