10 Newest Free Games 2020 And 2021 For Mobile And PC

Newest Free Games
Newest Free Games

Tired of the same games on HP and PC? Why not try the latest 2020 and 2021 free games below? All the games are fun and guaranteed to be entertaining. Don’t believe it? Just try it right away!

Playing games is a powerful way to get rid of boredom.

Not only that, but playing games can also train the brain to stay active so that it keeps us smart and focused.

However, what happens if we run out of games to try? Instead of feeling entertained, we feel even more bored. Don’t worry, there are a lot of games that just came out last year and this year. The games are free and have passed trials, some have even won awards as the funniest game.

Come on, let’s check the latest free games 2020 and 2021 through the following article!

Newest Free Games 2020 and 2021. Which One Have You Tried?

1. Lucid Dream Adventure

The game  Lucid Dream Adventure is a  game for fans of the adventure genre.

This game has a variety of mysterious puzzles with a tense plot twist. Lucid Dream Adventure came out in 2020 and now has a 5-star rating on the Play Store and App Store.

2.  Run Forest Run

Both came out in 2020,  Run Forrest Run is an offline game as well as online. That means you can play this game without an internet connection. The game is simple but guaranteed to make gamers addicted.

3.  Ramboat

The next latest free game is  Ramboat Ramboat is an action genre game that takes us on an adventure with the main role. You will go with Mambo to escape from enemies and complete various exciting challenges.

Even more fun,  Ramboat is an Android offline game so it can be played without the internet.

4.  Commando Adventure Assassin

Commando Adventure Assassin game is a shooting game released by Spirit Apps.

Games assign us a squad leader. You will be given a mission to lead your troops to eradicate enemies and rescue hostages. Not only that but Commando Adventure Assassin can also be played with friends, making the game more exciting!

5.  Farm Day Village Farming

Are you looking for a relaxing offline game that can be a stress reliever?

Just choose  Farm Day Village Farming! As the name suggests,  the game’s newest free This is a game of gardening in a rural location. You will be tasked with building a community while maintaining the farm.

Fun, right? If at any time you face chrome error err_cache_miss , make sure you fix it the right way.

6. The Witcher: Monster Slayer

The Witcher: Monster Slayer game is officially released by CD Projekt Red. The game is one of the most anticipated games from last August 2020. This Android and iOS mobile game is more exciting if played using Augmented Reality  (AR).

 However, there are certain games that are available only during particular periods of the year and some of these games may be downloaded only after you become a member of certain sites.

The Games that are Free to play on the Internet are not only a great way to spend time but also an extremely convenient option for playing games online.

7. Pokemon Unite

Finally, after a long wait, the Pokemon Company and Timi Studio Tencent released  Pokemon Unite.

The newest free game 2021 is different from the previous Pokemon games. Here, you will find the concept of a 5 against 5 game or called a MOBA. The game is available for iOS and Android systems, as well as PC and Nintendo Switch.

8. Project Cars GO

Racing game fans will be happy to hear this one news! Yes,  we can finally play Project Cars GO in early January 2021. The game is available for Android and iOS and can be played offline.

9. Bullet Echo

The next latest free game is Bullet Echo. This battle royale game is as unique as possible to attract the attention of true gamers. The game demands a high level of cooperation with clear graphics, not inferior to CoD or PUBG.

10. Story of Seasons Mobile

The Story of Seasons game is specifically for the Nintendo Switch. But now, we can play it directly via our smartphone. The concept of  Story of Seasons Mobile is similar to  Harvest Moon, which assigns us to take care of the farm.

One thing that is different from this game is the choice of more characters and the missions which are certainly more exciting.


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