10+ Prominent African American Mathematicians You Need To Know


Are you a member of the African American community and wanted to know some of the prominent mathematicians from the community who had big contributions and who helped to change the perception of the entire community towards the subject? Read on and find 10+ prominent African American mathematics scholars whose contribution to the field and the African diaspora is immense.

1. William Massey

Massey earned his Ph.D. in Mathematics from Stanford and was quite hardworking, publishing an average of 2.5 papers every year. His area of interest is queuing theory and is the first African American to become a fully tenured professor in an Ivy League university.

2. Nathaniel Dean

His area of specialty is applied algebra and has published more than 50 publications in diverse areas, most of them being in computer science. He has appeared in many television programs that touched on mathematics.

3. Idris Assani

Assani has authored very strong papers on various mathematical topics. His work has received lots of applause and is considered one of the best African American mathematicians whose contributions will be remembered in history.

4. Carl Graham

This is an African American who was born to an academic family and has published papers that have attracted attention from mathematical and scientific researchers.

5. Oluwole D. Makinde

This is an African American who worked as a professor of mathematics and his area of specialization is applied mathematics. He has more than 50 papers published, and these amazing papers are spread in many pure mathematics subjects.

6. James Ezeilo

He is an African American who makes a serious impact in the field of mathematics and he has researched extensively on the fields of stability, as well as the convergence of solutions. He has worked on diverse issues that affect real life, and his publications vary from ordinary differential equations to higher-order equations among others.

7. Ronald E.Mickens

This academician covers two fields-mathematics and physics and is one of the notable African American scholars who contributed a lot to the development in his field, while also mentoring others to join his fields of study and excel in their endeavors. He worked very hard and used his connections to bring more black people into mathematics and physics. He also did a lot to help the uptake of physics as a subject in Africa.

8. Katherine Johnson

Catherine Johnson is among the first women of African American descent to work with NASA. She is credited to have helped with the calculations which assisted to send the first black man to the moon some years back, He has received various awards and medals, among them the presidential award and also the congressional award.

9. Elbert Cox

Elbert Cox is recognized as the first person of color, and the first African American to earn a doctorate in mathematics in 1925. He had a successful academic career that spanned more than 40 years, and while he was living, he took part in many notable interviews. He is considered to be among the bravest African Americans. After all, he tried hard to become a member of prestigious bodies that were not open to the blacks because he was brave.

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