24 Motives 24 Names Challenge on Instagram Explained


Throughout the coronavirus pandemic from the past two to three years, all the social media platforms have been very engaging. Among them, Snapchat has always come with a lot of trending challenges. However, this time, Instagram gained the worldwide attention of the audience by starting a unique and tricky challenge entitled, “24 Motives 24 names.” 

This trend includes a combination of posting different challenge questions on Instagram stories and getting unexpected answers from your native audience.

24 Motives 24 names Instagram Game challenge

What is 24 Motives 24 names challenge?

It is a very enjoyable challenge that became trending and popular among the users of Instagram during the Coronavirus pandemic 2020. It consists of 24 names that are uploaded on their Instagram stories, without giving any hint of what their logic is and why they are posting them. You can view such 24 motives 24 names story on Instagram via Imginn without logging in the website.

If you ask anyone about this Instagram challenge and why your name has been posted on their 24 points list, they will only tell you this secret if you take part in this challenge with them and make your own list after them.

24 Motives 24 names game Strategy

The structure of the game is very simple and unique. On the total, there are almost 24 already prepared questions on a list. All you the audience have to answer all those questions appropriately by creating another list of 24 names and then post that naming list on their Instagram story.

However, the most critical thing regarding this game is that each one of a number present in the list represents a question that needs to be identified with each name. Ultimately this will indicate the reason that why you allotted that specified number to the front individual. That is why this game is popularly called as, 24 Motives 24 names.

 The fun thing in the game!

The funniest part of this challenge is that you will not have to explain to anyone why those names list on your Instagram story. Also, this fun trend has become popular among girls on socialmediagirls and everyone is enjoying it. However only in case, the list-named individual intends to get features and exposed, then you should explain. 

Otherwise, you will have to first take a promise by them to take a part in the 24 Motives 24 names challenge with you and that they will also post a list of their own next to you on their story.

How to play this interesting Game Challenge?

As already discussed, that in this game challenge there is a fixed list of a total of 24 questions against 24 blind answers that are invited in the form of names from other Instagram users. So, the challenge goes like this:

  1. Any individual first posts a picture having a list of numbers marked from 1 to 24.
  2. He can upload his picture either on his Instagram wall or on his story
  3. On that list there occur 24 fixed questions standing against 24 numbers
  4. The other Instagram audience users are then voluntarily asked to take part in the challenge by doing a promise.
  5. Then they have to assign any one person’s name randomly in front of each number without any hint
  6. Once he assigns a specified individual’s name to each number, the original publisher of the post will then reveal all the 24 questions
  7. The corresponding questions and the individual names will be the hell part of the fun.
How to play 24 Motives 24 names

What does each number in the 24 Motives 24 names list mean?

If you are one of those persons who are going to start 24 Motives 24 names challenge, with your friends and family and also curious to know about the list of all 24 questions for which anyone has tagged your name. 

Then here is a list of a pre-defined list of 24 questions that are specified according to Reddit user Reach-Bleach.

  1. The person you last talked to
  2. A good online friend
  3. Your crush/ girlfriend / Boyfriend’s name
  4. Your first crush ever
  5. The last person whom you hugged
  6. Your Best Friend
  7. Male friend name
  8. Individual who always makes you laugh
  9. An individual with whom you never thought of doing friendship
  10. Female friend name
  11. The best person you met and got to know in the current year
  12. Something about your girlfriend
  13. The most trustworthy person near you
  14. The last individual whom you said, “I love you”
  15. Someone you miss a lot
  16. Someone you hate very much
  17. Your best teacher ever
  18. Last individual you kissed
  19. The most important person in your life
  20. An individual who hurts you a lot
  21. Your best cousin
  22. You EX
  23. The last individual you paid lunch for
  24. Would you like to date the individual who sent you this challenge?

Remember that, you have to answer all these above-mentioned questions from start to end in the same perfect order without any shuffling.

24 Motives 24 names

Additional Wild Questions Related to this Game

Recently, this challenge is going far more than ever before. It is another viral challenge that is exposing the real wild side of people by asking a series of questions. All those questions and answers start popping up all over social media. Although some of those questions may be a bit different and tricky, they are all technical.

The following are some of the additional 14 wild questions related to this game. However, the 15th one is just for instructing the users to post relative emojis with all answers. This proves this game a hard-brain-buster.

  1. How many individuals whether guys or girls have you kissed?
  2. What was your age when you lost your V-card?
  3. What is your total body count?
  4. When did you kiss the very first time?
  5. Are you a bottom or top person?
  6. Which alcoholic drink is your favorite?
  7. When did you last time had sex?
  8. What was your age when you drank alcohol for the very first time?
  9. When did last you drank alcohol?
  10. Do you vape or smoke?
  11. What would you rather prefer either to give or receive head?
  12. A favorite individual with whom you love to party?
  13. Are you obese or lightweight?
  14. Would you like to go on a date with the person sending you this challenge?
  15. Comment a relative emoji for all the above questions


So, all the above information was about the current trending challenging Instagram game popularly called as, “24 Motives 24 names.” Motive, this game possessed a huge craze in the past few months of the Coronavirus pandemic when people throughout the world were stuck in their homes.

Here in this article, we have provided the complete information along with the best questions that are a part of this challenge post. You can also post this challenge on your story for getting an amazing response from your relatives and friends to have fun.

So, are you excited to play this too? Most welcome. Just post your questions on your story and think about your favorite person about whom you think will make correct answers for your questions. And also create and post his own list next to you to continue this challenge’s chain.

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