3 Best Packaging Companies in the USA for 2021


Packaging today has a very vital role in enhancing the branding and marketability of a product. It’s become an essential part of a business, especially for eCommerce companies that rely even more on packaging. As a branding tool, packaging makes a huge impact. It is the first thing a customer sees when they receive their order and what makes the first impression on your customer. If you have a solid first impression, you’re bound to impact the customer’s decision to come back to buy more of the same products.

Still, many companies use plain cardboard boxes, and they miss out on this wondrous opportunity of customized packages. Getting custom packaging means your brand gets to be unique and distinguishable from the dozens of other brands out there. It’s simply the new way of branding and marketing your products. Packaging forms a part of your product as a whole, rather than just being a protective covering.

If you’re looking for a packaging company to get your custom packaging supplies from, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the top 3 packaging companies we recommend you to get in touch with.

#1 The Legacy Printing

As a company based in Anaheim, California, they supply state-of-the-art packaging and printing facilities thanks to their technologically advanced equipment. The company prides itself on developing appropriate solutions for new brands that cannot figure out what packaging they need.

Top-Class Packaging Solutions

Their customer support facility is unlike any other in the industry; if you are undecided on what sort of packaging works for your brand the best, their customer support team will step in to find the best possible packaging solution. The customer support team will work alongside you to figure out your problems and find the best solution for them. The Legacy Printing
They also have a vast catalog of options to choose from. And each item is competitively priced at a very affordable price range. Thanks to their free design support, you get to have the best graphically designed custom designs, which are recommended to you by the support team based on your requirements and branding details that you provide them.

A Wide Variety of Packaging Options

Speaking of their catalog, they have multiple types of custom boxes. Some of those being rigid boxes, custom mailers, paper bags, foldable cardboard boxes, display boxes, and many more. The most impressive detail is that they have pre-made custom box designs for a plethora of items. You’ll find packages for cakes, perfumes, lotions, gifts, etc. They have every sort of product packaging covered.

Their main attraction at the moment is their custom eyelash boxes, made for packaging false eyelash extensions. Their lash boxes custom packaging has innovative designs, and with the company’s printing expertise, they can enhance the look of the packaging to an astonishing degree.
If you want your lash boxes custom made, then choosing them as your packaging solution provider would be in your best interests.

This company isn’t just going to give you premium services. They also have various printing products available, like custom labels and stickers, among many other things. You can have these added to your packaging as bonus items for your customer to enhance their unboxing experience.

Amazing Unboxing Experience 

The unboxing experience can be enhanced to great lengths with this company’s help. Their customization and printing services are among the best in comparison to the other online packaging providers. Taking advantage of their expertise to create unique unboxing experiences will lead to better customer feedback and reviews on your products.

Along with their free custom design support, they also offer a no-setup cost policy and provide free shipping services. Their free shipping policy is applicable for all orders in the United States, regardless of the order quantity or weight. This makes it easy for any online business to make orders from them even if they have a tight budget.

Their free shipping policy coupled with their exceptional price ranges makes for a deal that you can’t give up on. If you’ve got doubts about them, you can go to their website and get a quote right now.

#2 Packaging Republic

It is a packaging and printing firm headquartered in Anaheim, California, similar to the packaging company mentioned above at the #1 spot. They provide affordable rates for all their products, which come in different sizes and shapes to fulfill the requirements of all sorts of businesses and their products.

Their catalog encompasses a wide variety of packaging solutions which are neatly organized under “boxes by industry” on their website to make it easier for you to find the box that is best suited for your brand.

Free Design Support

They are among the few companies that provide you free design support and a seemingly infinite amount of pre-made designs for your custom packaging needs. You get the option to explore your creativity in coming up with designs yourself, but if you ever get stuck, their in-house team of design experts will lead you in the right direction.

By choosing them as your packaging provider, you get to choose what type of material is used in the box. And the materials they provide are of top-notch quality. You could even get custom finishes such as embossing, raised ink designs, debossing, and many more cool additions to make your custom box feel like it belongs to your brand.

They’re able to provide all these enhancements because of their technologically advanced art equipment. They offer some of the best pre-made designs in the packaging industry. 


They know their demographic and the requirements of the online market, which helps them provide you with the packaging solutions that are tailored towards your eCommerce business.

They have been providing these facilities for their customers at affordable price ranges, with free design support and free shipping on all their orders anywhere in the US. And they continue to impress their customers.

#3 Packlane

At the end of the list, we have a company with a history of working with big-name companies. This reassures that they are sure to provide quality products. Much like the others, they have a design lab that allows you to develop designs using your creativity. Alongside that, you also get a live design preview of your packaging as a 3D model.

Multiple Styles of Packaging

They offer three styles of boxes – foldable cartons, mailer boxes, and shipping box. Another positive is that you get an instant quote for your order when choosing the specifications you want for your packaging. Though the rates aren’t as affordable as the other two companies, they have lower prices for ordering higher volumes. On top of that, their orders ship very quickly, ten days or less.

Getting an instant quote without making any calls or talking to representatives is the main reason you might want them as your packaging supplier instead of the other two.


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