3 Popular types of eyebrows makeup 2021


In this day and age, different types of makeup are being used by most women. This includes eyebrow makeup as well. In fact, there are various eyebrow cosmetology techniques that you need to know about: fake brows, tattooed eyebrows, ombre brows, and microblading eyebrows are some examples of the eyebrow cosmetology procedures that women should be aware of. It also goes without saying that certain needs or desires can influence your decision on which kind of procedure to undergo. You also need professional henna brow kit for eyebrows makeup. Find amazing makeup products on this page.

Why Brow makeup?

Eyebrow makeup is a proven technique in enhancing your physical appearance if done properly. One good example of such is how it makes you appear more youthful as soon as possible due to the added volume and thickness on your natural eyebrows. In addition, these days, women are going for eyebrows makeup, especially the perfect eyebrow makeup, to let them stand out among the rest.

Why Brow makeup

Your goal

What is your main goal? If you wish to get rid of unsightly or worn-out eyebrows makeup because you want a new one free of blemishes and other signs of aging, then you should opt for either microblading eyebrows makeup or tattooed eyebrows makeup. On the other hand, if there are other noticeable physical flaws on your face that need concealing, like pimples and sun damage spots, then a corrective brow to soften these can work well with a bit of eyebrows makeup applied.

Your goal

1. Fake Eyebrows

But taking extra care of our eyebrows makeup may not be enough since some women don’t always have time for that. That is why the use of fake eyebrows and penciling eyebrows can work great for them. For women who have a very busy schedule, like most women with families and jobs in this day and age, eyebrow makeup is sure to come across their minds since it will save them time doing their brows every time they go out.

Fake Eyebrows

2. Ombre Brows

An ombre powder technique looks more like eyebrows makeup powder than individual hair. The use of powdered brows is great for clients who have oily skin or are more mature. Though, the powder ombre method provides a more “done” or “filled-in” appearance for many clients. It’s possible to use both techniques to create varying intensity according to the client’s style. Ombre brows last longer than micro-bladed brows. You can also visit this website to know more about this advanced ombre brows beauty treatment.

Ombre Brows

3. Microblading

The recent trend that women are leaning towards is microblading. This technique has become more popular these days because the process does not require any invasive surgery or painful tattooing on your skin. In effect, you need to select a skilled micro blader that many medical spas offer nowadays and allow the microblading artist to put some pigment into your brow area where hair used to grow.


The microblading 101 can give the illusion of having new hair growth, just like a natural or real eyebrow. This is because the technique involves inserting pigment underneath your skin layer without damaging it in any way by help of treatment.

Eyebrow makeup is also great for women with thin brows since they do not need to worry about getting an unnatural look once they undergo the process. Inside and outside eyebrows will surely be filled up with those that are perfectly shaped out. Women who have always dreamed of lush, thick eyebrows should opt to undergo this procedure as well. In this day makeup are being used by most women’s or men’s. By using of makeup , women’s are looking so pretty and beautiful. The best place to get brow embroidery in Singapore is ERABROW, so just get in touch with us today.

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