3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Furniture Paint From Trusted Providers


Every perfect or great paint job takes a considerable amount of effort, money, and time; whether or not you hire a professional to do it for you. Because painting costs much more than money (it also takes your time and effort), you’d definitely want to get it right the first time—so you don’t end up repainting your furniture in a few months or years.

Buying quality furniture paint can be a daunting task, especially when you are not buying your paint product from trusted providers such as French Willow. When you buy paint from trusted and reliable providers you are sure that the product gotten is of the highest quality and that’s not the only benefit that comes with buying from trusted providers. 

Hence, in today’s blog post, we’ll be looking at 3 reasons why you should buy furniture paint from trusted providers.

3 Reasons Why Should Buy Furniture Paint From Trusted Providers

1. Trusted providers sell high-quality paints

Paints with higher quality have a wider coverage. With a lower quality paint, you’d have to perform more strokes and coats to get the desired colour. With high-quality paints, you’ll achieve the desired result with fewer coats and strokes.

Because of the way they are prepared, paints with higher quality are thicker and denser than the ones with lower quality. That’s because providers selling fake or low-quality paints try to cut down the cost of production by making the paint product thinner with a translucent base, making it difficult to apply the paint uniformly on your furniture.

2. Trusted providers sell durable paint

Durable paints have a connection with high-quality paints. The reason for that is, paint of higher quality is thicker and the thicker paint is, the more resistant it is to fading, chipping, and flakes, which makes the paint last longer.

Durable paints can last anywhere between 5 to 10 years. How long the paints last usually depends on a lot of factors; however, if it lasts below 5 years then it’s probably not a durable or high-quality product.

3. Paints from trusted and reliable providers have a higher pigmentation 

Colour saturation—which refers to the intensity of colour—is generally found in paints that are slightly more expensive. Unlike the inferior paint samples, these paints have more pigment solids (i.e., the ground-up elements which create a certain tint, more resins, and less water), making them more enticing.

What’s more? Paints purchased from trusted providers come with warranties. However, the warranties are usually restricted and they don’t cover the typical ageing of painted surfaces. Asides from that, it feels good knowing that you can easily return a product if it meets the return requirements—this is not possible when you buy your paint from shady or unreliable paint providers.

In conclusion, buying furniture paint from trusted providers comes with a lot of benefits: it saves time, money, and effort, comes with a guarantee, has high quality and durable. When you buy from trusted providers, there’s no losing, you always win.

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