3 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying an Omega Watch


Many people are familiar with the Omega watch brand. After all, it is one of the most popular and profitable Swiss watch brands in the world. They are also the main competitor of another Swiss watch brand almost everyone knows, Rolex. The brand is well known for having connections with space and the sea. After all, the first watch worn on the outer-space and the moon was an Omega watch. Both the US Army and the British Royal Flying Corps chose Omega as their official timekeeper in the early 20th century. 

With such a long and varied history, owning an Omega watch would seem an honor. But there are so many watches on the market. And some people find it difficult to choose which timepiece to buy, especially for first-time watch users. This article will explain the things to consider when getting an Omega watch.

  • The Model

The first and most important thing to remember when buying an Omega watch would be the style and/or model of the watch. This tip does apply to other watch brands. But it is vital to know that Omega has introduced many watch model lines that you could pick. Each of them has its own identity and these watch families also feature several unique watches. Two of the most prominent watch families introduced by Omega include the Speedmaster and the Seamaster watch families. On the other hand, the De Ville and Constellation watch families have also garnered attention for their classic and vintage looks, making them perfect dress watches for any occasion. 

Speedmaster and Seamaster 

The Speedmaster and the Seamaster watch families helped the company grow into popularity as a watch brand. In particular, the Speedmaster is to be one of the few watches that passed NASA’s stringent quality tests. It’s perhaps the reason why it became the first watch to be worn on the moon. But the Speedmaster was originally made to be a watch for racing enthusiasts and athletes. And the watch’s dial was inspired by the dashboard of Italian cars. The Speedmaster was also said to be the first watch to feature a tachymeter on its bezel, which attracted the attention of motorsports, racers and fans. Moving on to the Seamaster, Omega originally manufactured them as diving watches. And they still are. Some Seamaster watches have a water resistance as deep as 300 meters. Aside from being a durable and fashionable diving watch, the Seamaster is also James Bond’s favorite wristwatch, as seen in movies like “No Time to Die.” 

  • The Function

Another factor to keep into consideration when looking for an Omega watch would be the function of the timepiece. As mentioned previously, the company produces watches with various purposes, ranging from racing chronographs and sturdy diving watches to elegant dress watches. When looking for an Omega watch, ask yourself “what will I use this watch for?” “Am I looking for a watch that I will add to my collection?” “What kind of vibes do I want to give off with my Omega watch?” 

What Watch Should I Look For?

If you are looking for a clean, classic dress watch that you want to wear on almost every occasion, then you should consider having either a Constellation or De Ville watch, as both of these watch families exude style and elegance especially when worn with a dress or a suit and tie. The Seamaster would also become an obvious choice if you are looking for a sturdy watch that could do well in water-based activities like diving, sailing, and swimming. On the other hand, if you want a racing chronograph with a distinguished history and a sporty look, then the Seamaster would be the best choice for you. But if you are looking for a tool watch, then your choices would widen since the brand produces watches with various complications such as annual calendars and chronographs even on its Constellation and De Ville watches. 

Nevertheless, all Omega watches are both functional and sleek with a unique history due to the company’s partnerships and sponsorships with various companies, celebrities, and sporting events. So regardless of what watch you choose, you will be able to show an accessory that is eye-catching and useful at the same time. You just need to find that one Omega watch that will suit your needs and your style.

  • The Price

Finally, the other thing that you should never forget when buying an Omega watch is the price. Now, this may seem unnecessary since almost every watch collector and enthusiast would tell you that Omega watches are expensive. And while this is partly true, the brand offers a wide range of prices depending on the watch that you will choose. There are entry-level Omega watches, which you could purchase for no less than 3,000 USD. Then there are limited edition and special watches that could cost up to 100,000 USD. This is because the brand produces a variety of watches with differing levels of sleekness and functionality. Particularly, many versions of both the Speedmaster and the Seamaster have been released throughout the company’s history. Nonetheless, you don’t have to sacrifice your budget just to get a stylish watch that only the brand could make. Check with Omega’s authorized retailers for recommendations if you are on a budget. 

In A Nutshell

Omega watches are never cheap, but it’s because they are versatile and powerful watches that both men and women could wear on any occasion. These watches also come in various looks and styles, each with its history and features. Because of such variety and reputation, it would never be easy for first-time watch users and collectors to buy their watches. After all, there are a lot of other things to take into account when buying a watch from such a prominent watch brand as Omega. But this should not discourage anyone from buying an Omega watch, as purchasing and owning one is a worthy investment. So, make sure to get your own piece!

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