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If you are a movie buff, you must have wondered what it takes to make a riveting motion picture. The 2-hour long reel we watch is not created as effortlessly as it seems on the screen; a lot goes into producing a high-quality film. With that said, it’s safe to say that filmmaking is a complex process requiring quite a bit of expertise.

In the past, only a handful of people could acquire the skill needed to make films, but now anyone can become a pro, thanks to the many filmmaking courses online.

Whether you are a stranger to a camera or have some know-how about the basics, you can learn to produce films by enrolling in one of the best online filmmaking courses on the web. This means you don’t have to commute to campus to take filmmaking courses, just the click of a button on your laptop, and you can begin your learning.

If you are ready to take up filmmaking and become a master of it, here is a list of filmmaking courses online to help you pick the right one and shape your filmmaking career.

1. Wevun Global- Filmmaking Course By Cody

As a beginner, learning the techniques, principles, and processes involved in filmmaking can be a little overwhelming, and rightfully so. Therefore, a newbie needs to start with the basics and move their way up to becoming a pro. And that is exactly what the filmmaking course by Wevun Global enables you to achieve.

It’s undoubtedly among the best online filmmaking courses, particularly for new learners, as the program’s content is divided into three sections.

  • Preproduction
  • Production
  • Postproduction

With every part of filmmaking elaborated on separately, Wevun’s filmmaking course really helps students focus on each aspect singularly and learn the ropes. From weaving a script, camera angles, and exposure setting to editing, color grading, and everything in between, Filmmaking Course by Cody will teach you all about the art of making films.  

2. Complete Filmmaker Guide: Become an Incredible Video Creator (Udemy)

Mentioning Complete Filmmaker Guide on Udemy is a must when discussing filmmaking courses online as it is a comprehensive program for novice learners.

Instructed by Julian Melanson, a full-time film creator and well-versed filmmaking instructor, Udemy’s Complete Filmmaker Guide covers all production process areas. Julian’s lecture is strategically divided over sections based on different topics, from the arcane tips of conducting research for a flawless preproduction plan to editing the B-rolls immaculately.

If you want to become a pro from point zero, you should consider Complete Filmmaker Guide on Udemy.

3. Jodie Foster Teaches Filmmaking (MasterClass)

If you want to learn moviemaking from a prolific artist known for her outstanding craft on camera and off camera, MasterClass has the perfect class for you; Jodie Foster Teaches Filmmaking.

Known for her unforgettable performances in Flight Plan, The Silence of the Lambs, The Brave One, and many others, Jodie Foster is a well-known Hollywood actor and producer. She is here to teach you filmmaking.

Her course is based on her own experience, and she uses it to teach learners the ropes of movie creation from scratch. Jodie’s 4-hour video lessons discuss how to choose everyday incidences as inspiration for a film, and once you have picked a topic, how do you explore and expand it for the screen.

Next, the veteran actress talks about selecting locations, casting, camera angles, shooting rules, editing, color correcting, and much more.

The best part about learning the art of filmmaking from a celebrated Hollywood actor and producer is that you get insights into the process from both an actor and filmmaker’s perspectives. This allows students to make a much more well-executed film in aesthetics, acting, cinematography, and direction.

4. Filmmaking On A Budget: Tips for Achieving a Cinematic Look (Silk share)

It’s a well-established fact that moviemaking is anything but cheap. Some might argue that it is one of the most costly ventures a person can undertake. However, that is not the case all the time. With some insider tricks, you can become an exceptional film creator without needing a massive budget, and that is what you will get to learn in Silkshare’s Filmmaking on a Budget.

Taught by Simon Cade, a self-taught filmmaker known for multiple music videos and mini-documentaries, Filming on a Budget goes over the technique of making films with a small budget.

As someone who has seen the ups and downs of the movie business up close, Simon Cade seeks to teach young filmmakers how to make incredible motion pictures without having large sums of money in half-hour long lectures.

 If you sign up for this course, you can get familiar with filmmaking concepts such as story structure, storyboarding, shot sequences, depth of field, ISO and shutter settings, cinematography principles, etc.

Ending Note

If you ever thought about how to learn filmmaking, this article must have put all your queries to rest! With the incredible filmmaking courses mentioned here, you can become a moviemaking pro in no time, provided that you practice the lessons taught!

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