4 Reasons College Students Should Go For Studio Apartments

Studio Apartments

When it comes to housing options for college students, the usual choices are either a dormitory or an apartment with roommates. 

While both have pros and cons, today’s millennial students prefer renting apartments or condominiums over dormitories. Students today are more independent than ever before. They demand more freedom and accountability in every sphere of their lives, including housing. 

As a result, there is a rise in demand for studio apartments among today’s college-age youth. Studios offer advantages that traditional dorms and apartments don’t have. 

So if you’re a student about to enter college and looking for housing options, here are four reasons why you should go for a studio apartment for rent:

1. The Freedom To Decorate and Furnish Your Own Place

Most college dormitories have a fixed and standard design, which might not fit every student’s preferences. You also have to follow the university’s rules if you want to make any changes to the interiors. 

In contrast, studio apartments for rent give you the freedom and flexibility to choose your own designs and furnishings. Whether you want to paint the walls pink or blue or put up a wall-mounted plasma TV–no one has to know about it. There’s also no restriction on how many guests you can invite over and for how long. 

2. Full Amenities and Convenience

When you live in a dormitory, you must share common areas with many people. The kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room are usually overcrowded, and you may have to wait in line to use them. 

Another issue is the lack of storage space. In dorm rooms, there is often not enough closet or storage space for all your belongings. You may even have to leave some of your stuff behind because there isn’t enough room for them. 

In contrast, renting an apartment gives you full access to the amenities of the whole building. At the very least, you’re guaranteed a fully stocked kitchen, a spacious and clean common bathroom, and ample storage space for all your things. You can also use the amenities such as the swimming pool, gym, and outdoor space whenever you want.

3. Less Crowd and More Privacy

College dormitories often feel overcrowded, with too many people living in the same space. This can cause a lot of arguments and tensions, especially among freshmen who don’t know each other yet. 

The situation is even worse for students who live in co-ed dorms. Most college dormitories have strict rules that ban any kind of noise after certain hours, and you can get into trouble if you violate them. 

When it comes to studio apartments for rent, however, you get the privacy and quiet you need. You can have loud music and parties at any time without bothering your neighbors. There are fewer people to contend with, and you don’t have to worry about large crowds like in a dorm.

4. Lower Cost and Better Value for Money

Renting a dorm room is cheaper than getting an apartment, but it’s not a good deal. A dormitory is more like a glorified hostel, with communal bathrooms, no storage space, and poor security. It is not at all like living in your own private apartment. 

Considering the low cost and poor amenities, it’s no surprise that students want to give up the dorms for something better. In some cities, the demand for off-campus student housing has outstripped the supply. 

As a result, studios are more expensive than dormitories. However, considering the added luxury and convenience of having your own private apartment, it’s a better value for money.

In Conclusion

College students deserve the best and should not settle for anything less. Apartments give them more privacy and independence. 

This allows them to decorate the place as they please and not have to follow any strict rules. Apartments are also cheaper than dormitories, come with better amenities, and don’t have as many students living in them.


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