4 topics that you will learn during your Florida Community Association Manager (CAM) continuing education course!


Are you considering taking your Florida CAM continuing education courses? If so, then you are trying to become a real estate agent in the state of Florida so you can begin buying, selling, and flipping houses to make a profit! The real estate market is a great way that you can make a profit in a very short period. If you are smart with your investments and where you work, you can sell houses for much higher than you got them for – helping you turn a huge profit and enhance your reputation in the industry!

But what can you expect to learn in the continuing education course? How can you choose the best course? If you are considering doing the course online, you can have better versatility with your busy schedule. If you are considering doing the Florida CAM continuing education course in person, then you can have more hands-on learning opportunities and ensure that you understand everything the teacher is saying.

Whatever your choice is, you can benefit from both options. Make sure that you understand what you’re going to learn, the best way for you to learn the information, and where to take the course. The basics covered in the Florida Community Association Manager continuing education course typically are made of insurance management, operation of the property, human resources, and legal terms. 

  • Legal terms – Knowing the legal terms associated with being a real estate agent in Florida is key to avoiding any lawsuit or legal disputes with your clients or your boss. Learn about legal terms in the real estate world by taking this class in the Florida CAM continuing education course. 
  • Human resources – The main purpose of this topic in your course is to learn how to deal with your employer and other workers. By figuring out how to create a facilitative workplace that contributes to better learning and productivity, you can ensure that any conflicts at work are immediately solved. Avoid any community issues and concerns with future/potential clients by learning about human resources in the Florida CAM continuing education course. 
  • Property operation – Learning how to operate the property and manage the property is key to being able to sell the estate for a high market value! If you take over a property and you let everything, go to ruin, this will significantly decrease the market value – in this case, you will lose a lot of money. Avoid this from happening by learning about preventive property maintenance and how to keep your house in tip-top share by taking this class in the Florida CAM continuing education course. 
  • Insurance management – Insurance management typically focuses on how you can keep your business’ finances in check. Avoid overspending on unnecessary items and collect your clients’ payments on time by using certain strategies and personal attributes. By getting your money on time, you can avoid any financial distress that may typically occur with new real estate agents. 

The four topics covered in the Florida CAM continuing education course must typically last at least 15 hours, ensuring the student has a full understanding of all of the facts of the real estate world. All community licensees who are aiming to be a real estate agent association manager must complete at least 15 hours of a classroom in person or online learning to ensure that they qualify to renew their license and continue practicing in their field. By using these four subjects, students can ensure that they will be able to renew their license with no issues and continue succeeding in the industry!


Are you considering taking your Florida CAM continuing education course? Fortunately for you, you can take this course online or in-person depending on your schedule and your personal preferences. As long as you take the 15 classroom hours, you’re qualified for license renewal! During the course renewal, you will learn about various aspects that are key to falling further education in the real estate world, such as legal terms, property management and operation, human resource management, and insurance management. Becoming a master of these four subjects makes it easy for you to renew your license, become a qualified manager, and build your reputation in the industry.

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