4 Tricks For An Effective Basement Cleanup


A basement should not just become a dumping ground of trash and old items that have no use. When you can keep it clean, organized, and beneficial, you can use your basement as the additional square footage of actual home space. There you can place a den, a man cave, entertainment area, a guest room, a home office, and a homeschool room – the options are endless. Now, is that how your basement is? Or do you need to have it clean up to make better use out of it? 

If the latter speaks to you; then, it is not too late to create that change in your home. It shouldn’t just be the visible and high traffic areas of your home that are well-maintained, but your basement, too. It’s high time to give it a major clean-out. 

This article is here to lend you a hand in this pursuit by giving you four tricks for an effective basement cleanup.

1. Hire A Same-Day Rubbish Removal Company

When you clean up your basement, you might go through things tucked away there, which you need to deal with throughout the cleaning session. Perhaps unsurprisingly, many of those items are now too old and worn out to even re-sell or donate. So, the option is to throw them away

But, here comes the challenge. It is not like your day-to-day kitchen and bathroom rubbish where it all fits in your indoor bins and the bigger ones in your garden. Many of those waste items are oddly sized and huge that you probably don’t know how to deal with it all. 

To solve that bummer: your best bet is to schedule for a same-day rubbish removal company to come in. They can take those items out for you and take care of the disposal or recycling. All you have to do is to call one like this. Schedule them to come over on the very same day you schedule your basement cleanup. 

There are many advantages to hiring a rubbish removal company for an effective basement cleanup, it includes:

  • They provide efficient rubbish removal services;
  • They take care of the proper rubbish segregation and disposal;
  • They prevent you from doing anything legal in relation to improper waste disposal.

2. Manage Your Time Wisely

Even if you have a small basement and you think you don’t have a lot of items there anyway, it’s best to set aside one whole day for this job. In doing so, you don’t rush the basement clean up and you can be better at managing your time wisely. Devote all your time in that day to this project so you don’t have to feel pressured by time or that you need to get things over with soon, as you have guests coming over in the evening. 

If you want your basement cleanup to be worth all that effort and effective, get yourself mentally and physically ready to tackle only that agenda for the day. And, don’t get distracted by any items you may want to sit and flip through like albums, books, and whatnot. You can save that for another day. Set your goal to clean and sort through your basement one at a time.

3. Purge Your Basement Of Trash

Purging your basement of trash means letting go of all the things you’re no longer using. If you don’t let go, even if you clean up today, your basement will always be cluttered which you’ll be back to square one. When was the last time you gave your basement an entire purge? If it’s been too long, then do so in this cleanup. 

Go through every single box and item that’s in there, and be honest in letting go of things that have no use at all. Do you need those 50 magazines from your teenage years? How about those old décors you’re still holding on to? As per Marie Kondo, if it doesn’t ‘spark joy,’ then it’s time to let go.

4. Suit Up

You never know what kind of dirty and dusty situation you’ll come across during your clean up especially if it’s been forever since your last even walked through there. For your cleanup to be effective, you also have to suit up. That way, you can carry on with the dirty cleaning and not have to worry about staining the clothes you’re currently wearing. 

Here are good pointers to follow: 

  • Wear clothes which you don’t mind getting dirty, preferably old ones; 
  • Have a pair of rubber or plastic gloves ready; 
  • Bring all your cleaning tools and materials down to the basement, so you won’t have to keep going up to get things and bringing dirt to other parts of your home; 
  • Wear a face mask to protect yourself from dust, molds, and other allergens.


With the given tricks above, you should be more ready to turn your neglected basement spacious. Your home isn’t a storage warehouse, so your basement definitely shouldn’t be one. You can make more use out of your home’s basement when it’s now clear and free from all the clutter that used to drown it up. It may seem like an almost impossible task to complete, but having it done one at a time and following the above-suggested tricks will make it possible.

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