4 Ways Businesses Find Employees


Companies are looking to hire good workers all the time. Some companies are hiring before they even open their doors for business while others have been established for years. Whatever the reason for hiring people, each business reaches out in different ways to find those candidates. Future employees are also checking online for job opportunities as they become available. Here are some ways modern companies are looking for their next batch of talent.

1. Social Media

Social media has made many things simpler that used to be an encumbered process in the past. Services such as Facebook and LinkedIn have pretty good systems in place for networking people and companies. A person can easily find a business they think aligns with their interests and they can message them or find a way to speak with the HR department. From there, a resume and a meeting are all that stand in the way to a great career. Companies can even use social media to find a service that will run a credit check for employment and criminal background services for prospective hires.

2. Recruiter Websites

Websites such as Indeed and Ziprecruiter are among a growing list of sites that post job openings based on location and business type. People who are new to the labor field or looking to jump ship from their old job will likely check the job boards at these websites before taking a closer look at the specific companies offering to hire. These sites have made looking for careers much simpler than in years past.

3. Staffing Agencies

Larger companies that are chugging away might need a quick fill-in for a secretary or some other office position. They look to staffing companies for this quick hire because they know the staffing company knows what they’re looking for in terms of an employee who can work on little notice, but still knows that general profession. Staffing companies will earn a small commission for finding a good candidate to fill the position.

4. Walk-ins or Cold Calls

Some people still prefer the old-fashioned method of walking into a business and asking if they need some extra help. There shouldn’t be anything wrong with taking the bull by the horns in this case. With resume in hand, going straight to the belly of the beast and asking to speak with someone from HR is a good way to show one’s hand. Companies will often see this as a strength while they get the pleasure of meeting the person and getting a feel for how they interact and behave in a social and professional setting.

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