5 Advantages of Hydrovac for Safe Excavation


Hydrovac excavation is becoming a more popular and safer alternative to mechanical excavation. It uses high-pressure water and a vacuum to expose underground utilities without damaging infrastructure. Due to its great abrasiveness, high-pressure water can slash through nearly any soil. Hydrovacing is a more advanced version that is considered more efficient than air excavation. This article covers some critical benefits of hydro-excavation.

Advantages of Hydrovacing

Hydrovac excavation involves the removal of soil and debris without causing damage to the site. It has many benefits and even multiple uses. It doesn’t include any heavy equipment digging, and that is why there is no destruction to surrounding ground or underground utilities. In addition to keeping workers safe, hydro excavation is also environmentally friendly. The cost of labour significantly decreases because only two crew members are required for complete operation. It’s easier than renting equipment and hiring a crew over multiple day. That’s why the job is done sooner when using a vac truck. Since there is no severe damage to the properties, there is no need for a restoration team to fix the excavated site afterwards.

Good for the environment and precise

Hydrovac Excavation Edmonton is environmentally friendly. It cuts through grass and soil with minimal risk to underground utilities. Instead of using backhoes and sharp metal equipment to scoop dirt, a hydrovac truck liquifies the earth surfaces, and a high-volume vacuum is used to collect the slurry in a truck-mounted container. Even frozen soil can be softened and heated with hot water hydrovac systems and allows construction and repair projects during winter.


An operator directs water through a handheld pressurized wand by holding it at a precise angle. Regardless of nearby obstructions such as streetlights, signs, and adjacent utility systems, professionals can easily maneuver in tight quarters with minimal disruption to their environment. The wand is flexible and small, making it easy for operators to work in complex excavation sites. Hydrovac excavation is the most precise option when it comes to daylighting, trenching or potholing.

Much faster than other methods

Mechanical excavation tools can easily damage utility lines. Construction projects can miss critical deadlines due to these unnecessary interruptions. Hydrovac excavation is a gentle method and doesn’t cause damage to the surrounding earth surfaces. Another benefit of hydro-vac is its speed and convenience. It removes the dependency on manual labour and can save considerable money in the long run.

Safest option

An excavation done by hydro-excavation provides a safer and more efficient method of digging through soil. There is no destruction of underground utilities or properties because heavy equipment is not involved in exploring. Hydrovacing also ensures worker safety. The equipment-related damages caused by a vac truck are extremely low comparatively. 

Multiple uses

In addition to utility and construction jobs, hydro excavations are ideal for potholing, daylighting and trenching. Water pressure is used to soften the earth’s surfaces, and the slurry is collected with the help of a high-volume vacuum. The efficient design of a vac truck makes it highly suitable to complete excavation tasks in complex working sites. With slot trenching, you can install underground pipes, cables, and wires without using heavy equipment. These mechanical equipment like dumpers, backhoes and shovels are harsh for earth surfaces. 

Cost-effective option 

Since only a vacuum truck and pressurized water hose are used for digging, hyrdovacing can save considerable cost in the long run. Only two crew members can carry out the excavation tasks, and there is no need to utilize more human force. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about paying for multiple days of labour or equipment rental.  Digging with water does not pose a risk for expensive pipe damage. The construction site will not need restoration work after using a vac truck, and you don’t need to pay for unnecessary ground or utility damages.

Hydrovac Applications

Construction, repairs, rehabilitation, and inspection projects use Hydrovac systems. Following are the most critical applications of a vac truck:

  • Debris removal
  • Daylighting
  • Line installation
  • Sign installation
  • Pole installation
  • Potholing
  • Trenching and slot trenching


Hydrovac excavation is a safer option as compared to manual or mechanical excavation. It makes life easier for contractors, labourers, and customers because of its precision, accuracy and cost-effectiveness. Only two workers are required to operate a vac truck, and it is the safest option for worker’s safety.

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