5 Best Apps for Finding Roommates in College


Finding the right roommate can significantly enhance your college experience, providing companionship and a way to share living expenses. In today’s digital age, various apps have made this search more accessible and efficient. Here are the five best apps for finding roommates in college, each offering unique features to help you find the perfect match.

1. Roomster

Roomster stands out for its global reach and user-friendly interface, making it a top choice for college students looking for roommates. This app allows users to create profiles, list their living preferences, and browse potential matches using filters like location, budget, and lifestyle habits. Its social media integration sets Roomster apart, enabling users to link their profiles to Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram. This feature adds an extra layer of transparency and trust, allowing you to understand who your potential roommates are beyond their app profiles. With its extensive database and emphasis on social connectivity, Roomster simplifies the roommate search process, making finding someone with compatible living habits and interests easier. If you also want to simplify your studies, get help with your dissertation. This will allow you to concentrate on finding a perfect roommate instead of focusing on tedious assignments.

2. Badi

Badi revolutionizes the roommate-finding process with its AI-powered matching algorithm. This app considers personal preferences and interests to suggest the most compatible roommates, saving users from the hassle of sifting through countless profiles. Badi’s interface is sleek and intuitive, offering features like in-app messaging to facilitate user communication. Additionally, Badi emphasizes safety and security, with a verification process for all users to ensure a reliable and trustworthy community. Badi is a cutting-edge solution for college students who value efficiency and compatibility in their roommate search.

3. Roomi

Roomi makes finding roommates and rooms a breeze with its detailed profiles and robust filtering options. Users can search for roommates or available rooms, specifying their preferences for location, budget, move-in date, and more. Roomi also prioritizes safety, requiring users to undergo background checks for added security. The app’s unique feature, the “Match Percentage,” shows how well you align with potential roommates based on your preferences, facilitating a more targeted search. For students seeking a safe, personalized roommate-finding experience, Roomi offers both convenience and peace of mind.

4. Circle for Roommates

Circle for Roommates is designed for college students and millennials, focusing on creating a community of users with shared interests and lifestyles. The app encourages users to form circles with friends or acquaintances looking for roommates, leveraging their existing network to find trustworthy matches. Users can also join other circles based on mutual interests or schools attended, expanding their options. Circle for Roommates is perfect for students who prefer finding roommates within their social circles or looking for roommates with similar academic and extracurricular interests.

5. SpareRoom

SpareRoom is a well-established app that offers a straightforward approach to finding roommates and available rooms. Its “SpeedFlatmating” feature – virtual events where users can meet potential roommates – adds a unique, personal touch to the online search process. SpareRoom also includes a feature for finding roommates to team up with on apartment searches, making it easier to secure larger apartments that would be out of reach financially for an individual student. With its blend of traditional listings and innovative features, SpareRoom caters to students who appreciate a more personal approach to finding the right roommate.


Technology offers various solutions tailored to different preferences and needs for the perfect college roommate. From apps that leverage artificial intelligence for compatibility matching to those that prioritize safety and social connectivity, finding a roommate has never been more accessible. Whether looking for someone within your social network or venturing outside your circle, these five apps provide a solid starting point for college students navigating the roommate search process. Remember, the key to a successful roommate relationship is clear communication and shared expectations, so take the time to get to know your potential roommates before deciding.

Author: William Fontes

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