Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021
    Door lock

    Having a fully functioning door lock in your home or your office not only ensures that your property is safeguarded but also keeps your mind at

    ease, However, like everything else, door locks are prone to malfunctioning due to wear and tear; that’s why it’s essential that you continuously maintain and repair them.

    Having the 24 7 locksmith experts offer their services whenever your door lock has an issue is a smart move. You not only get to enjoy quality

    professional services but also save on the cost of regularly having to repair your locking system

    Read on to find out 5 of the most common door lock problems that you should never ignore, how you can prevent them from happening, Also

    learn some easy tips on how to fix you can fix your door lock whenever a problem arises.

    Misalignment in your door lock

    This problem comes about when your door lock is not correctly aligned with the strike plates, thus causing your door lock not to latch into

    position. Common causes of misaligned door locks are; poorly installed doors, doors, and door frames that are warping. Warping is a term used

    to denote the changing of the shape of a door due to swelling, It mainly occurs due to climatic changes.

    This problem can be pretty complex and making it a DIY project can aggravate it even more. Having a locksmith offer their services to you is

    highly recommended. But if you are the handy type you can do the following as you wait for a 24 7 locksmith expert to arrive;

    + Tighten the screws on your door hinges-this helps in aligning your door lock and strike plate into position

    + Unscrew your door locks strike plate and reposition it-it helps put the height of your door to its appropriate position

    Broken key

    This usually happens when you try and force a jammed lock to open by using a key. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, then please do

    the following to address this issue;

    + Immediately contact a locksmith who specializes in broken key extraction services

    + Do not operate your door lock while the broken piece or pieces have not yet been removed

    + After the key extraction services have been completed, use your spare key and confirm that your door’s lock bolt fully extends and retracts

    Your key not inserting in the keyway

    This happens when your key doesn’t go through its keyway or keyhole the way it should, The most common causes of these problems include;

    + Accumulation of dirt and debris in the keyhole

    + Using a poorly-cut key

    + Using the wrong key

    How to fix this issue; Clear off the accumulated dirt in your keyhole. Use dry lubricants such as silicone and graphite to clean your lock’s

    keyhole. Ensure that you hire the services of a pro when having your key cut. Also, having an easy-to-understand key organization will save

    you time spent finding the correct key to use for your door’s lock.

    Jammed locks

    Jammed locks make it hard, if not impossible, for you to open a door. The most common reasons that may cause your door lock to jam includes;

    + An attempted break-in may leave your door’s locking system damaged

    * Accumulation of dirt and debris in your locking system

    + Damaged lock bolt

    How to solve this problem; Call a professional locksmith and let them repair your door lock system. Get rid of the dirt by using a dry and

    standard lock lubricant. Consider improving on your security just in case it was an attempted break-in

    Returning lock cylinder

    This is when your door’s locking cylinder turns entirely when locking or unlocking your door. The leading causes of this problem include;

    + Loose set screws

    + Damaged set screws

    How to solve this problem; When faced with such a situation, try and tighten the loose screws or replace the damaged ones. However, its

    strongly recommended that you engage a locksmith and let them fix this problem for you. This is so because fixing a turning locking cylinder

    can be quite a complex job that requires expertise and experience

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    Key takeaway

    Door locks not only safeguard your property but also you and your loved ones, thus making them essential. But just like everything else, door

    locks are prone to becoming faulty, which is why you should regularly service them. If your door keeps jamming or your key constantly won’t

    properly insert in your locking system, and it seems like a daunting task to do, don’t hesitate to engage the 24/7 locksmith gurus for affordable

    and outstanding locksmith services.

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