Sun. Sep 26th, 2021
    Dispose Garden Waste

    Maintaining the tidiness and curb appeal of your yard or garden requires time and effort. For instance, after every routine cleaning schedule of your property, you’ll end up with bags of garden waste. Depending on the dimensions of your yard or garden, the amount of garden waste you have to deal with can be overwhelming.  

    Garden waste typically includes leaves, grass clippings, and domestic debris. The majority of homeowners usually have a large amount of garden waste, primarily as winter draws near. Today, there are various options to get rid of garden waste from your home. Most of these options are readily available with minimal effort on your part, while some are environment-friendly if you want to play a role in saving the environment.  

    Keeping your yard or garden tidy and clean is critical to ensure that your property stays appealing all year round. If you have bags of garden waste after a yard clean-up, make sure to dispose of them properly. Here are several easy ways to dispose of garden waste:

    Same-day Rubbish Removal Service 

    If you want a convenient way to efficiently get rid of garden waste, it’s best to consider same-day rubbish removal services. With this type of service, trucks will arrive at your home and professionals will load your garden waste to be transported to recycling centers and waste disposal facilities.  

    The service is the ideal choice if you don’t want the hassle of loading the waste. Professionals will be responsible for the loading, which helps you save time and effort.      

    If you’re in Sydney, you can learn more about same-day rubbish removal services if you visit the site of reputable companies in the area.

    Green Waste Recycling Bin 

    The simplest and most affordable way to dispose of your garden waste is to use a green waste recycling bin. If this disposal option is available in your area or locality, it might be a good choice if you only have an average amount of garden waste.  

    This way, you only have to wait for the collection schedule. Workers will take your garden waste will straight to a recycling center.

    Convert Garden Waste To Mulch 

    If you’re using mulch for your plants, consider converting your garden waste like grass clippings, dried leaves, and weeds into mulch. However, you have to keep in mind that the process involves composting the debris, which can take time.  

    If you decide to go with this method, you need a garden chipper and follow these steps:

    • Gather shrubs and branches and use a chipper to chop them into small sizes  
    • Use a bin or compost bag to hold all the waste 
    • Keep the waste moist throughout the composting process  

    As a reminder, the composting process will generate a certain odor that some find undesirable. This can also attract pests such as flies and rodents. Although composting is an environmentally friendly method, make sure that you use a specially designed compost pit.  

    Use Skip Bins 

    Hiring a skip bin might be a good option if you don’t want the hassle of composting or keeping your garden waste to stay in front of your property waiting for collection. Using a skip bin is a reliable method to dispose of garden waste and other types of trash on your property.  

    Generally, you can hire a skip bin from a reliable provider and they’ll deliver it to your home on the same day. Depending on the available time frame, you have five to seven days to fill the bin with waste. On the scheduled date, waste removal experts will collect the skip bin for proper disposal. Skip bins are readily available in different sizes, so it’s best to select one that can accommodate the amount of garden waste on your property. 

    Recycling Center 

    You also have the option to drop off your garden waste at the nearest waste and recycling center. Make sure to collect the garden waste and store it in a disposable bag. If you have a truck or any other vehicle that you can comfortably use to carry your garden waster yourself; you can go with this disposal option. The only downside to this approach is that you’ll have to spend on the gas to travel to and from the recycling facility yourself. 


    Proper management of garden waste is a routine chore for every homeowner. When it comes to choosing an appropriate disposal method; you’ll have to consider the amount of garden waste you produce after your routine clean-up of your yard or garden. Other factors you need to factor into your decision include your budget and preferred level of convenience.

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