5 Essential Responsibilities Of Every Vet Tech


Many animal enthusiasts are taking up a career in the animal healthcare sector. But have you ever considered the work of a veterinary technician? The profession of veterinary technician is relatively new. All current and prospective veterinary technicians must be aware of the duties they are supposed to perform.

Vet techs help veterinarians during animal surgical procedures. The reputable profession has a variety of responsibilities for assisting animals. Vet techs provide care under the supervision of a veterinarian by applying medical knowledge and clinical skills.

This blog will go into detail about veterinary technicians’ essential responsibilities. Continue reading to learn more about their responsibilities in detail.

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Major Responsibilities of Veterinary Technicians

The duties of a vet tech may differ from one state to another. For example, each state has laws governing the duties that veterinary technicians may perform. In addition, an experienced vet tech can perform more complex procedures than a new one. Some employers have policies regarding the tasks and procedures their veterinary technicians are required to perform. So there is no set of defined responsibilities for a technician. Hence, we will discuss some general duties every vet tech has to perform.

Assisting Vetenerians

Vet technicians’ primary responsibility is to follow veterinarians’ instructions. They must also assist veterinarians with various medical tasks, such as emergency care. They also help veterinarians with routine patient visits and surgical procedures.

Furthermore, they frequently assist veterinarians in diagnostics, so they must be well-versed in medical terminology. Hence, vet techs are responsible for taking care of animal patients in every way possible while adhering to the veterinarian’s instructions.

Diagnostic Test and Procedures

Veterinary technicians perform diagnostic tests on animals while keeping them calm. In addition to that, vet techs must be able to perform various tasks as part of their daily duties. For example, vet technicians must be able to examine animals, take vital signs, collect samples, and run laboratory tests.

In order to efficiently perform such duties, veterinary technicians must learn new technical skills. This is because they have to use a variety of technical machinery daily. For example, their responsibilities include taking and developing X-rays, performing diagnostic imaging, and entering data into computers. As a result, a veterinary technician must also understand various equipment, instruments, and machinery for testing.

Pre and Post-surgical duties

Preparing for surgery is one of the essential duties of a vet technician. They set up the rooms, the equipment, and even the animals. For example, vet techs prepare the animal by administering anesthesia before the veterinarians perform surgery. They also ensure the patient is calm, hydrated, and in the proper position prior to surgery.

Another responsibility of a vet tech is post-surgical care. They must monitor the animals immediately following surgery. They also take each patient’s vital signs regularly and keep the pet in an area where it can be seen constantly. Their responsibilities also include providing competent and friendly post-operative instructions to pet owners.

Administering Medications and Anesthesia

Veterinary technicians also administer medications and anesthesia to the animal patients. Furthermore, they monitor the level of anesthesia in the patient throughout the surgical procedure. Anesthesia doses that are higher than necessary may harm the animal patient.

Vet techs inject the medications into their patients as prescribed by the veterinary surgeon. However, administering medication to animals is difficult because you must keep them calm. Vet techs have to deal with sick animals while administering injections and IV fluids as needed.

Management Responsibilities

Occasionally, veterinary technicians will take on management responsibilities. They must, for example, keep client records, fill out paperwork, accept payments, and order and restock supplies. Other management responsibilities for veterinarians include greeting clients, answering phones, and scheduling appointments.

The skilled veterinary technician is also in charge of leading a team. In practice, they might, for example, lead veterinary care teams. It entails various responsibilities, including recruitment, monitoring, and other day-to-day tasks.

To Sum Up

Hence, a vet tech’s job entails a variety of responsibilities; it involves assisting veterinarians, pre-and post-surgery care, management, and other duties. Anyone interested in taking on the role must be willing to perform all of these responsibilities. In addition, veterinary technicians serve as an animal health and welfare support system.

On VetandTech, you can learn more about this reputable profession. They have several informative blogs about this career. They also offer a variety of courses and webinars to help professional vet techs advance in their careers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the essential skills of a vet tech?

Perseverance, respect, honesty, learnability, resilience, and self-awareness are the top qualities of a veterinary technician.

Are veterinary technicians and veterinary nurses the same?

Vet techs and vet nurses both work as assistants in clinics. However, the two occupations differ regarding training, education, and work experience.

What are the typical tasks for a vet tech?

The technician will help with surgery, exams, and laboratory procedures by handling equipment and supplies, restraining animals, monitoring vitals, and other tasks. They also provide pet care, education, and guidance to pet owners under the supervision of a veterinarian.

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