5 Popular Ingredients to Mix with Bourbon


Bourbon, an American type of whiskey, is a distilled liquor made from corn mash and aged in barrels. South American people claim that the best bourbon came from Kentucky and originated from there, and some say it is from Louisiana. Generally, there is no ageing requirement before releasing a bottle of bourbon unless it will be labelled as straight bourbon and some drinkers say it is the best bourbon. If it is classified as a straight bourbon, the ageing requirement is a minimum of two years, and the liquor should not have any added colouring, flavouring, or other types of spirits in it. 

An interesting fact about bourbon is it is not allowed to be made outside the United States. Products are only allowed to be labelled as bourbon if it comes directly from a manufacturing site in America. Its varied flavours of vanilla, oak, caramel and other spices have become a favourite worldwide and has been one of the main ingredients used in cocktails, partnered with different kinds of ingredients. 


Although water is a simple ingredient, it has a great effect on the taste of bourbon. Usually, bourbon has 40% alcohol content, which is a bit strong that it tends to overpower the subtler flavour of spices in it. Water separates the ethanol and guaiacol in the drink, allowing drinkers to taste the many flavours in it. Some prefer to add lukewarm water and some additional water in the form of ice to enjoy it as a cold drink.


This is one of the most popular pairings with bourbon that is always available in bars and events. Its sweetness, partnered with bourbon flavours, creates a mix that both young and experienced drinkers love. The soda still allows the drinkers to taste its smokey and caramel flavour while reducing the bitterness of the bourbon. Some drinkers like to add a slice of lemon or a wedge of lime to add another layer of flavour.

Ginger Ale

This mix is usually mixed as one-part bourbon and five-part ginger ale, and this mix is perfect for adding a zing to the cocktail drink. The flavour of ginger mixes perfectly with the flavours of bourbon, and it makes for a fresh drink. As a carbonated drink, it adds a little kick that the drinkers enjoy. Some opt to add lemon and lime as well to level up the concoction.


Eggs are the main ingredient in making an Eggnog. This popular Christmas drink has retained its popularity over the years because of its flavours. Bourbon is one of the liquors most popular in making this famous drink. The egg yolks and whites are used in this drink with added ingredients such as sugar, cream, and spices like nutmeg and cinnamon. The alcohol content of the bourbon keeps bacteria from appearing due to the raw eggs. 

Fruits and fruit juices

Several fruits go perfectly with bourbon. Aside from the usual lemon and lime slices, drinkers can also use different fruit juices available in their local supermarkets. Peach schnapps and orange juice are examples of this. Drinkers may also decide to top their bourbon with cherries, a bark of cinnamon, and orange slices. It is easy to get creative as fruits often go well with this type of liquor. 

These ingredients are just a few of the many ingredients that pair well with bourbon. These are easy to find ingredients that will make for simple mixes, whether at the bar or home.

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