5 Reasons You Should Buy Mid-Range Mobile Phones


Smartphones have slowly become a requisite to our daily lives, and especially owing to the pandemic, everything went online overnight. Our mobile phones became a crucial need almost immediately and have evolved into one of the greatest gadgets ever invented. 

When you think of buying a mobile phone, a plethora of thoughts boggles your mind. One has to think about features and longevity while sorting through what to buy, which brings us to the point that, in a technologically evolving world almost every day, mid-range phones, the best phones under 20000, offer almost the same features as high-end ones. Oppo phones under 15000 are a great example of mid-range smartphones providing the customer with a high scale of the technology and is severely long-lasting, complete with the same features as flagship products. 

Thus if you’re looking to invest in a mobile phone soon, it is the best option for you to go for a mid-range mobile phone. 

5 reasons you should buy mid-range mobile phones: 

The world of mobile phones has become increasingly competitive, and it’s very obvious that one needs time to ponder on what investment they’re going to make as well as whether or not it’ll be the right decision. Hence let us guide you through why you should spend on a mid-range smartphone instead of a high-end one. 

  1. Access to premium features: Oppo phones under 15000 are undoubtedly nowadays the best phones under 20000. The Oppo A53 Smartphone, priced at ₹12,990, is completely equipped with premium features like a high MP Camera and great LED display and quick charging. Thus, with less money, you get access to premium phone features worth double the amount. 
  1. Updating to a new phone without severe loss: With technology achieving immeasurable heights, brand new phones with superior characteristics are a daily occurrence in the market. If you invest in Oppo phones under 15000, you can easily upgrade to a newer gadget when need be. But if you spend more on your first phone, you’d be forced to keep using that to minimize monetary loss. 
  1. Similar performance as flagship devices: What truly matters in any smartphone is their performance. The best phones under 20000 have similar performance positions as flagship devices worth a lot more money. The Oppo A54 is a great device that offers several features like premium phones. The Android processor has MediaTek and Snapdragon, which are immensely splendid processors that owe to the phone’s longevity and its fast running. It also offers a great battery life, RAM and storage.  
  1. Offering new features that high-end phones lack: Despite having a lesser price, Oppo phones under 15000 offer features that premium phones do not. For example, most high-end phones only survive on facial recognition, while these phones have facial recognition methods and fingerprint scanners. The best phones under 20000 also offer characteristics like remote control via phone and provide you with an original virtual assistant that flagship products do not. 
  1. Mid-range phones have outstanding designs: It is always important to look classy after considering all other smartphone needs. The mid-range phones offer a huge variety of designs in the given price range and have the most diversity in design. Double cameras, matte covers, holographic cases, and customization are all present in mid-range mobile phones, often absent in high-end ones. 

Thus if you’re looking to buy a phone, go for the Oppo phones under 15000. They offer the same services as premium phones, have a long-lasting battery life, come with insurance and guarantee, present you with newer features lacking in flagship devices, all while sporting an attractive design. You get to avail everything an expensive smartphone does but at a much lesser price. 

When buying a phone, it is extremely important that you keep your budget and your experience in mind and do not have to compromise on anything. With almost everything happening online, it is imperative to make a good investment and secure a good smartphone to help you do your tasks effortlessly while guaranteeing durability. The best phones under 20000 will provide a warranty for everything mentioned before while making your purchase affordable and give you the best phone that you can use any way you like, with the best processor, display, battery, and camera. 

If you choose to buy any of the Oppo phones under 15000 but don’t have enough money to pay right away, you can always choose the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card. It gives you the liberty to buy your favorite phone while dividing the entire cost into several monthly payments. You also have the liberty to choose your repaying term and procedure according to your requirement while availing great discounts and offers with this card. 

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