5 Things to Consider Before Applying A Healthcare Finance for Your Dental Clinic


If you are willing to expand your existing dental clinic, then you may need some considerable amount. If you don’t have enough amount, you don’t have to worry and liquidate your assets. It is because you can now rely on the healthcare finance option of loans for a dental clinic.

But, before you apply for the dental clinic loan, you ought to consider a few aspects. Why? By doing that, you can easily approach and manage the upcoming loan for dental clinic easily. Continue reading!

  1. Know how much is too much

The first thing before even applying for the dental clinic loan is to know an amount that will be sufficient. It is because a loan is a loan that you will need to repay. A large amount means repaying a bigger figure in EMIs. It can also affect cash flow for your clinic. Hence, you should decide an amount that you can repay easily.

  1. Do you have a robust CIBIL score?

Before applying for any loan, you need to check your credit score. Your CIBIL score is one of the criteria of your creditworthiness that lenders check. If your CIBIL score is 750 or more, then it means that you have paid your loan EMIs and other bills on time. Lenders are convinced that you can also make timely repayments for the healthcare finance option of the loan for the dental clinic. In turn, they may approve your loan application at a lower rate that may help you manage lower EMIs.

  1. Check if you can make part prepayments on your upcoming loan

At many times, the earnings of your dental clinic may become higher, and you may like to pay more than your regular EMIs. It is what is called making part prepayments. Thus, you should check if your lender permits it before the loan application. Many lenders let you do that and even foreclose the loan account earlier. The only thing that you may have to manage is that your part prepayment is equivalent to 3 EMIs.

  1. What about loan flexibility?

Many times, you may need some funds immediately to cater to your different needs at your dental clinic. It is when the dental clinic loan Flexi facility can help you out. This way, you can withdraw any amount as many times from your total limit. You can pay only the interest as the EMI and nothing more. This way, you may save up to 45%* on EMI repayments. By opting for this feature, you can avoid applying for multiple times every time you need an amount. Thus, you should check if your lender is offering you with the Flexi feature or not. Most reputed lenders nowadays let you access this facility free of cost.

  1. Compare and choose the best loan offer

You may be confused by the sheer number of loan for dental clinic offers in the market. Hence, the best thing would be to check out all deals beforehand. This way, you may pick one that best suits your needs and repayment capacity. You can do that on a third-party website free of cost.

You are now aware of the crucial elements before considering healthcare finance like the loan for dental clinic. Now, you should be in a better position to approach the loan.              Bajaj Finserv brings you pre-approved offers on personal loans, home loans and more. It can simplify your loan processing and make it less time-consuming. You can check out your pre-approved loan offers today after sharing your primary details like the name and the mobile number. 

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