5 Things to Know Before You Buy a New Router In 2021


In the current times of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is setting up a home network or modifying and upgrading the one they already have. There are many things that a person has to see while installing a Wi-Fi router and it is not just about how you are going to set it up, but it is also about what kind of Wi-Fi router you need in the first place.

Some internet services such as WOW offer you a whole-home Wi-Fi connection that also comes with smart controls. Plus their offers including WOW TV are so exciting that you can easily enjoy their enhanced coverage and optimum services.

But if you are planning to buy a new router this year then you should take note of certain factors. We are about to discuss the most highlighted elements that will allow you to get the most suitable and reliable internet router.

Check the Wi-Fi Network Speeds

When you see an ad or a promotional copy of a Wi-Fi router, we recommend you to take it with a grain of salt. This means that some of the features that the manufacturer is mentioning on their packaging or ad might not be entirely true. You need to check customer reviews and connect with any of your friends who uses that router.

A high-end wireless router comes with a built-in Ethernet that allows it to be a more efficient connection. But the cheaper ones are usually providing a connection at only 100 Mb/sec. So, when it comes to the factor of speed, spending a little more bucks will only help you get a more viable connection.

Always Check the Level of Coverage

This is the most important part! When we are buying the Wi-Fi router, we tend to fixate on the speed of the device, but the coverage of the connection plays a vital role when we are buying a router for our home or office use.

You might get blazing fast internet connectivity when you are in the same room as the device, but what about the time when you are not? You don’t want your internet connection to be compromised just because you are not near your Wi-Fi router. 

This is why you need to convert your single-point router to a mesh system that gives you wider coverage and allows you to use the internet on multiple devices at a single time, without any interruptions.

Monitor the Wi-Fi Security

While Wi-Fi systems provide us a high level of convenience but they are also quite vulnerable when it comes to security. Anyone can easily eavesdrop on your online activity simply by hacking through your Wi-Fi connection and it is usually pretty common among public internet connections. 

A router should at least support WPA2, but now when you buy a router you can get a WPA3 level of security that allows you to make your system more protected from any unwanted intrusion.

Examine the Smart Wireless Management

There is no use in having wireless Wi-Fi and not get extensive coverage. You should not rely on a Wi-Fi connection that does not even give you strong signals and for that, you need to properly check the service. Nowadays, several services such as Google Wi-Fi offer an optimum level of smart functionalities where you can manage the router through a smartphone app.

Moreover, many routers are also coming with advanced options such as voice assistant technology such as Alexa to make the control of the device more feasible for the customers. This can surely give you a notched up experience with your smooth internet connection. 

Performance vs. Price

The price of any router is primarily based on the type of features that it contains. The more antennas, ports, and advancement it will have, the more pricey an option it will be. Mostly, you can get a simply functional router for around $250 or maybe more, but if you are looking for something advanced then you will have to broaden your budget.

However, even if you are on a budget and still want a product that has an optimum level of performance and can fulfill your own and your family’s needs then you should keep your budget up to $50. You can surely get a decent Wi-Fi router at this or under this price.

In A Nutshell

The points that we have mentioned are necessary for you to know before purchasing a Wi-Fi router. Whether you want it for enterprise usage or just want to set it up for home use, either way, these factors will help you in making your mind about the final product.

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