5 Tips to Keep Your Vape Batteries Safe and Why It’s Important


There have been horror tales concerning vape cell explosions all over the media. It’s worrying, but it’s essential to know that you can prevent it from happening to you whether you’re a beginner vaper or not. 

As a vaper, you can’t have all the fun minus putting your security first. Some knowledge can go a long way. Vape batteries aren’t similar to your remote control AAs. They’re much more powerful; that’s why you need to use suitable vape batteries and chargers

If you’re new to vaping and want to enjoy a danger-free vaping experience, the post below has all the information you need. 

Are Vape Batteries Safe? 

It’s essential to spread knowledge regarding vape cell security. The fact is, exploding batteries are very infrequent. Only approximately one in ten million cells explode. The good news is that you can avoid the scenario altogether. 

Almost all instances of exploding cells happen because of misuse of the instrument and the cell. 

Unlike smartphones which come with cells that manufacturers make particularly for those mechanisms, vape tools typically don’t have a manufacturer-approved cell.  

What Type of Cell Does a Vape Use? 

Although there are various lithium batteries in the market today, only a few are suitable for powering a vaping instrument. 

For vape batteries, these options usually come down to: 

  • Hybrid 
  • ICR 
  • IMR 

Experts recommend using a Hybrid or IMR battery unless your particular gadget openly states that you utilize an ICR vape battery. 

Battery Kinds 

There are two main types of batteries: 

  • Internal batteries 
  • External batteries 

Producers seal internal batteries into the vape, and you can’t remove them. These batteries are usually of a lithium polymer (LiPo) nature. Lithium polymer battery packs pile multiple lithium-ion cells in a protective polymer casing. 

On the other hand, you can remove external batteries from your device. They’re of IMR nature. 

Manufacturers design round-cell external lithium ions with exposed contacts. Like the AAs in your TV remote, this makes them simple to use in any instrument where they’ll fit. 

The two main sizes that producers use in external batteries are 18650 and 26650. 

More About the 18650 and 26650 Varieties 

Most vape mods use the 18650. Its acceptance is because it strikes the right balance between mAh and ampere, giving an unmatched vaporizing experience for long periods. The mAh value describes your battery’s available preservation capacity. A cell rated of three thousand mAh can offer a current of 3000mA for an hour.  

You can detach and replace this battery. Plus, it’s budget-friendly too. The naming standard shows the cell’s dimensions- eighteen mm diameter, 0 to reveal the cylindrical form, and 65 mm height. 

26650 isn’t so common. Its battery dimensions are slightly heavy at twenty-two mm in diameter in comparison to eighteen mm. 

How Long Can Vape Cells Last? 

Your battery and the charge on it won’t last forever. Ultimately, you’ll need to replace your cell, and between that duration, you’ll probably charge your battery countless times. 

Generally, it takes between three and four hours to charge a dead vape cell; whether you’re charging it by plugging up the instrument through the Micro USB port or using an isolated charger. 

Charging your vape cells through the instrument enables you to ‘pass-through vape’ or proceed to vape while your gadget is linked to the charger. However, external cell chargers permit you to charge countless vape batteries at once, providing you with access to backups that you can switch out fast. 

Rechargeable 18650 vape mod cells can last for a long time- 1-2 years, if you take proper care of them. Over time, however, your vaporizer cell will start to devalue. How fast this occurs depends on various factors, from the wattage you usually vape at to how frequently you use your tool. 

When your vape cells no longer contain a charge for an adequate amount of time, you’ll need to replace them. 

Pointers on Keeping Your Vape Batteries Secure 

Batteries play a crucial role in vaping devices. You have to keep them safe so they can deliver to their full potential and to prevent them from exploding as well. 

Here are some suggestions on keeping them safe: 

Keep Wraps Undamaged 

Always ensure that your batteries’ wraps are in good condition. If you spot a nick on the cell wrap, the wise thing to do is to re-wrap it. Cell wraps are cost-friendly and straightforward to put on. If you don’t have them, visit your local vape store. 

Most shops will wrap your cells at no cost, and it won’t take more than several minutes. 

Use Battery Cases 

Never toss cells in bags or pockets when you’re not using them. Or, don’t carry functional batteries in your pockets. Instead, get yourself some affordable plastic cell cases, as unshielded batteries might short circuit when they contact metal objects. 

This might cause your cell to vent and possibly blow up. Battery cases are an excellent solution for handling your cells, and they come in an array of designs and materials. 

Don’t Leave Your Batteries Charging Without Supervision 

Even when using a charger, having your cells charging minus supervision is a bad idea- mostly overnight. Although infrequent, cell chargers are electronic instruments, and crashes aren’t unheard of. 

Continuously monitor your charging batteries and put them in battery cases when you’re not nearby. 

Avoid Too Much Temperature 

Vape cells can bear high and low temperatures. However, you wouldn’t want to put them to the test. Higher temperatures will pressure them, causing them to age (or even vent) quicker. Meanwhile, cooler temperatures take a toll on cell volume. 

Ensure that you preserve them in a cold place away from sunlight. And, never leave them kept in areas like your vehicle’s glove compartment where temperatures might overstep their security range. 

If you reside in an area where the temperatures regularly get extreme, consider carrying your batteries and vape device in a tiny insulated lunch cooler. 

Utilize a Dedicated Battery Charger 

Most instruments make it possible for you to charge your cells in them these days. However, it’s more secure to use a dedicated cell charger. A simple charger can go for less than a sixty mL container of e-fluid. 


Your vape battery makes it possible for you to vape. Therefore, you must take good care of it. 

Contrary to what most people think, caring for a vape cell is pretty straightforward. You only need to know how to handle it and how it works. 

Keep your battery safe, and it’ll care for you longer than you can imagine. The power is in your hands. 

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