5 ways to share your emotions with your partner


Human beings have the ability to speak and express ourselves in several manners. Love is one of the strongest languages and expressing it can be life changing not just for the person who is expressing it but also for the person it is being expresse too. Loving someone makes you more courageous while being love gives you strength. However, not all of us can express love freely. It often takes practice and understanding our partners in order to express your emotions and love to your partner.

The way your express your love to your partner depends on their love language and similarly the way you feel loved depends on your love language. The love language of a couple may not be similar but what is important is to understand the love language of your partner and use it to express your love and your feelings towards your partner. Listed below are 5 ways based on the love language in which you can do so.

Verbal compliments

This involves using words to express your love towards your partner. If your partner feels loved when you vocally express yourself then verbal affirmations are their love language. Sometimes just saying “I love you” can really make someone’s day. Certain compliments such as “Your hair looks great today” or “You personality is as sparkling as the lab diamond ring you’re wearing” can be simple, effortless and effective in expressing your affection.

Give your time to partner

Some people find comfort when they have their partners’ undivided attention. So make sure to take out time for your partner for a casual date night or a conversation over coffee. You can also spend time doing certain mundane things like gardening or cooking a meal together. If spending time with your partner makes them feel appreciated then that is their love language and make sure you give it to them every once in a while.

Physical touch

The love language of physical touch doesn’t necessarily have to be sexual. The people who have this love language often feel more connected and safe when they can just hold their partners’ hand, hug each other or kiss. It’s the physical intimacy with their partner that will make them feel more secure. If you feel this is your partners’ love language, then anything else in the world will not make much difference to them than holding your hand.  


Like actions speak louder than words, similarly your partners love language could also be what you do for them rather than what you say to them. Sometimes doing the laundry, helping with household chores and taking care of the baby can mean a lot to your partner and show how much you care for them. These actions may require time and effort but will go a long way in ensuring the happiness of your partner.

It is also very interesting to note that the engagement or wedding ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand and not any other finger. This is because the ancient Roman a notion that the ring finger of the left hand a vein known as the “vena amoris” and that this vein was directly connected to the heart.


For some people, receiving small tokens of appreciation makes them feel loved and cared for. This does not necessarily mean that they’re materialistic. It just has be small little things like you buying him a cup of hot coffee after a long day at work or you brightening her day with a ring that matches her lab grown diamond engagement ring. What matters more is your thought and emotions behind the gift and not the gift actually.

We all know that the engagement ring is a symbol of love and means the world to the couple who are going to be married to each in other. Almost all couples invest a lot of time, energy, money and emotions to select an engagement ring that represents them and their story. There are some couples who propose with their family ring, while some get a customize ring make according to their taste. Whether it is custom make, store or a family heirloom, a ring is always involve in the proposal ceremony because the ring is consider to be the symbol of infinite love.


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