6 Best Indoor Games Your Dog Loves


There are several factors why your dog may be unable to go outdoors occasionally. Giving your dog the outdoor exercise they need might be difficult if it’s too chilly, too humid, or there’s too much happening off to go for a long walk outside.

So how to make your pups happy indoors? Are you seeking a simple solution to keep your puppy occupied and entertained? Fortunately, there are some indoor activities and games that will keep your dog entertained while also allowing them to let off steam without having to leave home. Read on to know about the best activities and games that your dog will love playing indoors.

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What are the best indoor games for your canine?

Being stranded at home for whatever reason may be frustrating for both you and your dog. Even if you’re cooped up indoors, you may still participate in enjoyable activities with your dog that will cognitively and physically excite them. Here are the top six games you can play with your furry best friend:

Find the object:

Training your dog to find rewards using just its nose is a fantastic physical and mental exercise. Even though all dogs have a powerful perception of smell (up to 100,000 times stronger than humans), they occasionally need to be reminded to utilize it. This game uses toys and treats as incentives to get your dog enthused about training its olfactory sense.

Set several boxes or transparent containers upside-down in a series (at least four or five) and conceal a reward (a favorite ball, a bone, a snack, or anything else with a recognized fragrance) beneath one of the containers without your dog seeing. Next, urge your dog to sniff the boxes; it will most likely come to a halt when it comes across one that holds a reward. Pull up the box to uncover the prize and congratulate your dog on a job well done.

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If your dog understands the word “find it” or any other command that instructs it to search for anything concealed, an indoor version of hide-and-seek is a terrific way to practice. It’s a hunting game where the dog may express their natural impulses. Begin by showing your puppy what you’re trying to hide — a treasured toy or even a human — and then put him in a different room while you conceal the thing.

To urge your dog to look for the item, use your chosen form of the “find it” command, along with voice cues like “excellent” and “uh oh.” Address the dog by its nickname if you’re the person hiding.

Hide and Seek for Dogs

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Through, under, and over:

Showing a dog a new trick is a good mental exercise in and of itself, but it’s much better if the skill requires physical exertion. With all of the up, under, and around movement, the game helps pups discover spatial connections, stimulates older dogs’ minds and gives them a workout.

Begin by putting a full, legged item in the center of the room, such as a kitchen chair, step ladder, or other sturdy things. Then, possibly initially tempting it with a reward, encourage your canine to climb beneath it. Use the “sit” or “stand” command to convince your dog to remain beneath the equipment. Use hand gestures if your dog doesn’t understand such orders. If your dog is large enough and understands the “jump” command, you may also practice creeping through the item, walking around it, and leaping over it. Reward your dog every time they perform an activity properly.

Stairway dash:

If your home has stairs, make a game out of sprinting up them to burn off some energy. Start from the bottom of the staircase to receive the most fantastic workout from this game while putting less amount of strain on your dog’s joints. Place your pet in a sit-stay posture and toss the toy to the top of the landing. Let your dog stay to build up the tension, then give the OK with a “here, set, run.”

Stairway dash

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This dog game is based on a favorite childhood activity. It stimulates sprinting and has a lightning-quick memory, making arriving when called an enjoyable activity. For this, you’ll need a partner.


Each individual begins by standing on opposite ends of the room with a pocket full of sweets. Someone calls the puppy and gives it a treat, then someone else calls and gives it another snack or toy.

The pursuit game:

This game could be your favorite when playing with your dog. You can spend hours chasing each other around the couch until you’re both weary.

The game entails chasing your dog while attempting to steal one of his toys. It’s his turn to pursue you once you acquire it. Allowing your dog to grab the object from time to time is vital. When he receives it, the look of joy on his face is priceless. This activity may help him remember not to jump on others when they get very enthusiastic.

The pursuit game

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In conclusion

Even when you’re stuck indoors, there are plenty of essential things you can do with your dog. Make the most of it by giving quality time to your dog and helping them improve their cognitive and emotional talents.

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