6 Common Pest Problems in Australia


Australia has one of the most diverse biotas globally. While most of them are beautiful to look at, the abundance of different insects and pests has troubled numerous households all across the country. 

It is easy to overlook the fact that there is a pest problem, especially in suburban areas, because they only present themself as small insect bites or a little sawdust lying near wooden furniture. 

Read on to find out if those red marks and occasional roaches are part of a more significant pest issue and to understand when you need to contact pest control in Cessnock, Pokolbin or surrounding suburbs. 


Termites infest one out of every five homes in Australia, especially in the more subtropical areas. With extensive woodwork in old houses, this could lead to damages that cost over $8000. 

Multiple places can be infested, from gardens to support beams and ceilings. Spotting termite swarms can mean the infestation has progressed, and to catch it during early stages, look for discarded termite wings, unexplainable mud tunnels on walls, and termite droppings. Confirming an infestation can be a tedious job, and some pest control in Cessnock offer inspection services to make this hassle-free!

Bed Bugs

Bed bug infestations are easy to spot but hard to get rid of. The most prominent sign is unexplainable small red and itchy insect bites typically placed in a single line. 

A musty smell also accompanies bed bugs. Change to light-coloured sheets, and if reddish-brown spots are found, it is time to get the exterminators on board.

Ant and Spider Control

Australia is famous for its deadly insects like spider and fire ants. While few spiders can be helpful in insect control at home, some of them can be very dangerous. An occasional tarantula sighting is inevitable, but a large population nearby could mean frequent visits to your home. 

Ants are usually never an issue until there’s an ugly anthill in the garden, or food cannot be left for over a minute on the counter. Extermination services can help keep these pests under control.


Australian roaches are known to be big and troublesome. They love warm and humid spaces but only come out after dark, carrying around horrible diseases. Cockroach infestations are very inconspicuous, and only on cleaning out those dark, dusty corners does one sight a few. Their laying of eggs is excessive, and an occasional sighting can lead to a whole horde in no time at all. Droppings, sightings, and shed skin are signs you should look out for. 

Rats and Mice

The most important lesson the plague taught us was never to leave rat infestations as they are. 

Infestations are easier to spot because they’re relatively larger and noisier animals that scurry and defecate everywhere. Frequent sightings are the first sign to look for. Their constant squeaking is impossible to miss, and they tend to gnaw on plastic and wood, so look out for irregular rough teeth marks on objects. 

Rats and mice are vectors for innumerable diseases, and an unchecked infestation can result in enormous consequences. 

Garden Pests

Termite-infested trees need a different approach, especially if trees in the garden carry sentimental value.

Pest control services offer tree treatments if the infestation is not too severe so remember to survey and check the gardens regularly!

Insects can be beneficial whether in the garden or at home, but some pesky pests can turn your house upside down. Observation is critical in knowing when contacting pest control is necessary, but once that is done, one can expect a happy and healthy pest-free life!

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