6 Dreamy Kids Bedroom Ideas to Consider


If you’re planning to renovate your kid’s bedroom, you might be wondering how to best combine practicality in the space that you have and creativity. After all, your child should be able to enjoy spending time in their room. These are some of the ideas that will help you create a perfect kids bedroom.

  1. Bed designs

First and foremost, you have to start from the most important item in every bedroom – the bed. Comfort may be the most important factor of the bed. However, that shouldn’t prevent you from turning your child’s bed into a beautiful and creative centrepiece. Here are a few ideas you can check out. 


Kids love adventures such as camping outside. So why not bring all the fun inside the home too? You can get your kid a tent-looking bed and add some decorating pieces inside to turn it into a whole experience. You can add tiny stars at the ceiling of the tent bed or some fairy lights. This way your kid will feel like they’re lying outside and stargazing. 

House bed

A house bed can be a perfect cosy place for your kid to snuggle up with their favourite blankets and pillows and lull themselves into sweet dreams. With a tiny roof over their heads and all their favourite stuffed toys inside the little house bed, your kids will feel as cosy and comfortable as ever. Plus, it’s a very cute design that goes well with anything. 


If your kid loves cars a vehicle shaped bed is a perfect choice. The best part is that there are plenty of creative options out there. You can opt for a formula 1 shaped bed or a carriage. You can even go for a rocket shaped bed if your kid is into astronomy. There are tons of amazing ideas. 


You know how much kids love to slide. Well, how about you provide your kid a slide in their own room? You can add a slide right next to their bed. That could be a fun way of getting out of bed in the morning. It serves both as an easy way to get out of bed and as a great playground in your kid’s room. 


Apart from the slide, the stairs leading up to the top of the bed are also great. You can combine the stairs with the slide. That way, your kid can use the stairs for getting into bed and the slide for when they need to come down. 


Lastly, a hands down fortress has to be one of the most creative and fun designs for a bed. Your kid is simply going to love having a castle shaped bed where they can have imaginary tea parties and defend their castle from the “enemies”.

In addition to all of these fun designs and decorations just make sure that the bed your kid is using is comfy and of high-quality and that you’re using soft and high-quality kids quilts for your kids’ beds. 

  1. Climbing wall: Implement Exercise

Now, one of the most creative features you could add in your kid’s bedroom is the climbing wall. First of all, it can be a great decorating piece fitting well into the rest of the room’s design. You can mix different colours and shapes. Secondly, it is a great tool for encouraging your kids to do some daily exercises. To use a climbing wall your kid needs to engage their whole body and a lot of muscles. 

This activity helps their physical development and will get them to stay physically active on a daily basis. Plus, it is a great source of fun on those rainy days when your kids can’t go outside.  Just make sure that the floor underneath the climbing wall is soft so that your kid doesn’t get hurt. 

  1. Nest: Creating the Perfect Little Space

Even though kids can be very sociable and energetic, they also need alone time every once in a while. Their room needs to have this safe space where your kids can isolate when they need some relaxing time and to charge their social batteries. Create a little nest for them, whatever that may be. For instance, it can be a pillow fortress with lots of blankets, pillows, and fairy lights. Just make sure it’s comfy and quiet. 

  1. Crawl Space: The Never Ending Crawling

You may think that crawling is just a middle stage before the kids learn how to walk. However, kids love to crawl, so don’t get upset if you see your kid crawling away after they have already learned how to walk. To make their room even more fun and mysterious, create a tiny passageway only your kids will be able to access by crawling. For example, it can be a tunnel leading to their favourite cosy nest. 

  1. Secret Room: A Place to Play

Just like having a secret passageway, your kids can also have their secret hiding spot where they can play with their toys, watch cartoons, read their favourite books, and so on. There are many ways you can separate this tiny secret room from the rest of the kids bedroom. For example, it can be an elevated space that can be reached by climbing up the stairs. It can be hidden behind a secret door. There are plenty of great ideas. 

  1. Trap Door: Going Through the Floor

If your kid’s bedroom is small, don’t worry about it. There is still a way for you to be creative and use the space that you have wisely. For instance, since the bed takes up a lot of space you can use a trap door to hide your kid’s bed. Your kid will have more room for playing during the day and it’s a cool feature. 


All things considered, when planning out your kid’s room, you should implement both the practicality and creativity of the design. Make sure your kid’s bed is comfortable and of high-quality, but that it’s also fun and creative. As for the rest of the room, try to implement things that will make your kid love spending time in their room. 

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