6 Essential Safety Tips To Prevent Electrical Arc Flash Incidents

Electrical Arc Flash Incidents

Working in any kind of construction or manufacturing environment can be a dangerous task. With all of the heavy equipment and machinery, various chemical substances, and the bustling activity and movement that tend to take place, workers in these fields must stay alert and aware of their surroundings at all times.

However, there is one danger that always deserves a little extra attention; electricity. For the purposes of this article, we will be focusing on a specific hazard; an electrical arc flash. These accidents can cause serious injury, and death, as well as significant damage to equipment and property. 

An arc flash takes place when an electrical current veers from its intended route and travels from one conductor to another through the air. To help reduce the risk of these dangerous incidents, we consulted the safety experts at Facility Results who specialize in electrical training and they gave us these 6 tips to keep you and your employees safe:

1. Perform Regular Inspections and Risk Assessments 

Prior to starting any electrical work, you should always conduct a complete risk analysis to determine what potential hazards may exist and how to address them. This assessment should include voltage levels, the condition of the equipment, environmental conditions, and accessibility.

2. Label All Equipment Properly

Incorrectly labeled equipment or materials can cause disastrous results in certain situations. Be sure to use the standard labeling systems to indicate important information such as required PPE, voltage levels, and the electrical arc flash boundaries.

3. Adhere to All Lockout/Tagout Guidelines

These procedures are crucial for keeping workers safe during repair, maintenance, and servicing of electrical equipment. Lockout devices should be used to secure circuit breakers, electrical switches, as well as other energy sources.

4. Institute a Proper Training Course

The best way to prevent electrical arc flashes is to instruct workers on how to avoid them in the first place. Make sure your crew understands basic safety protocols, proper use of PPE, and hazard recognition. 

5. Properly Maintain and Service All Electrical Equipment

As mentioned earlier, this is one of the ways to prevent electrical accidents on any job site. A comprehensive maintenance schedule is necessary to address any potential problems or hazards that may arise in the future. 

6. Foster a Culture of Safety

If everyone on the team is of the same mindset when it comes to safety, then it won’t be hard to follow the other tips listed here today. Far too often, workers may be tempted to take shortcuts to get a task completed faster. In some industries that may not cause serious problems. When working with electricity, it can be fatal.

Training Your Workers to Avoid Electrical Arc Flashes

The old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is no more relevant anywhere than when it comes to workplace safety. The best way to promote a safe and secure work environment is to make sure that employees have been properly trained and instructed on the newest and most up-to-date safety precautions and techniques. 

By doing so, the health and well-being of your workers will become a priority for the entire team, ensuring a safer and more productive job site.


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