6 Features Every Quality Parcel Shipping Company Must Have

Parcel Shipping Company

Parcel delivery is an important part of business for every ecommerce organization and also retail business that sell through shipping. Sustainable relationship with a quality parcel shipping company is a token of success for retailers and brands. Delivery and shipping management is quite literally making or break for ecommerce brands and sellers.

There are some options when it comes to a cheap courier service in UK. However, lowest costing ones will not always be the most beneficial when it comes to delivering on time and parcel safety at the same time. Added features like doorstep pickup and specialized vehicles for shipping may justify slight price difference as well. Here are some features every quality parcel shipping company must have:

1: Doorstep Pickup for All Products

Whether you are an ecommerce seller or an individual looking to send a gift to a loved one, doorstep pickup can save a lot of hassle. Instead of having to take your parcel to any courier outlet, the ability to have it picked up is convenient. It’s simply more efficient and satisfactory when everything works out.

Also, considering the current pandemic situation, doorstep pickup becomes even more essential. Less interaction you have to do with people, better it is for you. Your selected parcel shipping should be able to pick up from your doorstep any time you need.

A quality Same Day Courier UK will offer this service as well. You should be able to specific your address and pickup time with just the same high-quality shipping for all products. No matter how big or small your parcel or product is, doorstep pickup just adds to the convenience consideration.

2: Multiple Pickups Are Important for Retailers and Ecommerce Sellers

If you are an ecommerce seller or a high street brand with online presence, you will need extra services. Alongside doorstep pickup for your packages and parcels, multiple visits any day should be available too. Keeping in mind high number of products you will be selling; multiple visits make things a lot easier.

Of course, you would have a time scheduled for daily pickups. However, some urgent same day delivery requirement might come up unannounced. For this very reason, you should always work with a quality parcel shipping company that makes multiple pickups available.

There are many products that will be needed urgently by customers. Many people will reject quality products if they will not be available to them when needed. Keeping your options covered is the best way to do business for ecommerce and physical retailers.

3: Parcel Tracking Can Provide Peace of Mind

Parcel tracking is another neat feature every professional parcel shipping company should provide. This is something that can make life for sellers and buyers so much easier. There should be a tracking number assigned to each parcel that would provide live tracking.

People want to know where their purchased product or item is at the current time. Especially, when products get delayed in shipping or delivery systems, it becomes much more important to be able to track. When customers can find out where their product is currently, it can ease things out greatly.

Not all parcel shipping company setups offer live tracking. Even if live tracking is not available, you should be able to know the exact location of your parcel. Parcels being handed over to logistics, in transit and having landed in your city should be marked on tracking systems.

4: Sustainable Route Planning and Efficient Delivery System

Sustainable route planning has many beneficial applications. If you look into it deeply, this is where companies often use more resources than they should. Any quality parcel shipping company should be able to work on sustainable route planning and efficient delivery systems.

  • Planning routes intelligently without wasting unnecessary fuel is good for the environment
  • Grouping parcels from same area together and having a no return policy saves resources
  • Efficient delivery systems that use and charge less are best for everybody involved
  • Parcel shipping companies should be able to work fast and deliver on time every time

When a parcel shipping company plans the route efficiently, they would use less resources. This will end up costing a lot less and having less of a negative impact on the environment as well. It is a win, win situation for every party involved.

5: Specialized Delivery Vehicles to Provide Safety for Parcels

So, how do you make your parcels reach safely? Surely you or somebody you know received their new product purchased online in a broken or damaged state. This is most probably due to mishandling or vehicles not being optimized for certain parcels and products at all.

However, specialized vehicles for delivery of certain types of products can rectify this. For glass and mirror types of home products, vehicles must have sufficient space and soft floors and sides. Tech products and many other expensive fragile items need specially modified delivery vehicles.

Any professional parcel shipping company should be able to provide delivery specialized vehicles for different products. This is where you can make your products reach to customers safely and in the condition, they paid for. Be sure to select your parcel delivery company carefully for the job.

6: Quick Same Day and Next Day Shipping Options

Often, certain products are required to be shipped the same day or even next day. This feature is actually very common but yet can be missing in some new logistics services. When you select your parcel shipping company, be sure to check for same and next day shipping options

Same day courier services in UK are available for sellers and individuals as well. There might be very small extra charges applied on same day shipping. Be sure to select the right service that suits your needs perfectly. Same day and next day shipping are must have features for any quality logistics.

Also, these options appear when selecting form their websites or visiting their outlets. If your customer wants to get their product the same day, you have to oblige. A rejected product or a negative feedback is not something your business can afford at all.


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