6 Foods Recommended To Cure Impotence Permanently


Impotence or erectile dysfunction is becoming a common experience for most men. However, some men choose to take the no-sex call, and others look for erectile dysfunction specialists, like those from Male Excel, to find viable options to successfully get rid of it.

According to a study, 40% under the age of 40 suffer from mild-severe ED issues in the USA. Further, problems in attaining erection can also affect one’s psychological-emotional health, often putting the entire relationship at risk. Drugs like viagra have been extremely helpful in several cases. Viagra contains Sildenafil Citrate, considered good for causing an erection in an hour. The drug comes with FDA approval and has been approved by a lot of men globally. 

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the loss of ability to attain an erection even with prolonged sexual stimulation. Men of diverse age groups can be a suspect to ED; however, older men are much more at risk of suffering from it. The reason being a reduction in testosterone growth as one tends to age upwards.

Generic Cialis 60 mg tablets are often the priority to reach out for when ED springs up because of a reduction in testosterone. Cialis is available in lower dosages; however, one must seek a proper medical prescription before buying any generic drug.

Natural solutions for Impotence 

Several solutions are available for ED ranging from generic drugs to natural options. Chemically processes options as Fildena 100mg Purple pill provides with an erection in less than an hour. Fildena can result in an erection that lasts for more than 5-6 hours. Natural options like food items and herbs can take a lot of time to show their effect. They have to be consumed for a long time to see any change in your sexual health. 

6 foods to cure erectile dysfunction or impotence:

Certain food items can improve the blood quality in the penile region if consumed in good quantity. An adequate amount of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins can help your penis catch up on your sexual engagement.  

  1. Spinach 

Spinach is one of the most powerful food items to improve erection health. It contains Folate, found to be good for increasing the blood flow in the body. Spinach has around 66% of your body’s daily folate requirements. 2 cups a day can give you the appropriate quantity of folate. For old men, spinach has a high quantity of magnesium in store, regarded as one of the chief ingredients to boost blood supply.

Blood is needed to cause an erection. Contracted blood vessels tend to restrict the blood flow, making it harder for the male partner to attain an erection. Blood vessels can be expanded by consuming tablets of Levitra. Levitra contains vardenafil and has the potential to cause long time erections within an hour. A medical professional must prescribe the dosage and side effects might accompany in rare situations.

  1. Caffeine 

People who consume coffee daily are said to have long duration erections with improved quality. Caffeine in coffee can help in expanding the blood vessels by providing them a relaxing session. Blood flow gets triggered, eventually leading to a penile erection strong enough for penetrative sex. So, it should be used in Impotence.

Consume 2-3 cups of coffee to experience improved performance in bed. One can also couple coffee with tablets of Viagra 200 mg to gain a daily erection. However, make sure to get the right dosage on time. Viagra comes in different dosages, and 200mg is the highest dosage for people at an extreme ED stage.

  1. Berries 

Berries like blueberries, cranberries, and even strawberries have shown extensive positive results on men with erectile dysfunction. Berries lie blueberry, and strawberry has a high quantity of Flavonoids, which are touted as fruits with good antioxidant values. Flavonoids are also touted as a solution against diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Consuming a lot of berries reduces your chance of experiencing erection issues in bed because of the constant smooth blood supply to the area. Initial issues can be countered by consuming drugs like Fildena 100mg Purple pill. Fildena can be consumed on a need basis regularly. Also, one can consume it with or without having a proper meal. Fildena can give erections lasting for more than 5 hours. Make sure to consume the right dosage after getting proper consultation from a doctor.

  1. Red wine 

Red wine works similarly to blueberries and strawberries. Early age erection issues signify deep vascular health troubles that require a  proper inspection. Red wine contains a high quantity of flavonoids considered good for its antioxidant effect.

People experiencing Impotence at an early stage can steer clear of diabetes and heart health issues by maintaining a consistent red-wine supply. 

If you are already suffering from any primary health issue, consult your doctor before buying any generic education. Although Cialis 60mg tablets come with FDA approval, it can sometimes lead to side effects. Taking more than one tablet without doctors’ permission can have long term effects on your body. 

  1. Pistachios 

Pistachios contain a high quantity of fibers, antioxidants, plant proteins, and fats. As a result, pistachios end up increasing nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide can increase the blood flow to the penis. Several studies have proved the efficiency of pistachios in helping men with ED. Further, it can also reduce the chances of suffering from cardiovascular diseases in the future. One can also team it up with tablets of Levitra 40mg. It is a generic drug known globally for improving cases of men with erection issues. 

  1. Watermelon 

Watermelon, along with seeds, can improve your erection quality and overall performance in bed. It contains citrulline touted to be good for the expansion of blood vessels surrounding the penis.

Consider purchasing tablets of Cialis 60mg for prolonged benefits of having good sexual health.


One must resort to food items carefully to avoid impotence. A balanced diet and daily exercise can lead to a tremendous change in erection quality. Shift to a balanced diet with a moderate quantity of the food items mentioned above. Also, switching to any new ED drug requires a proper conversation with a medical professional.

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