6 most common types of granite countertops

granite countertops

Granite is considered to be one of the oldest rocks. It is known for its beauty and durability. Similarly, most homeowners and industrialists prefer granite for commercial and residential purposes. Whether you are doing a kitchen renovation or a bathroom, granite is the best choice. Granite countertops suppliers are providing various patterns and colors in them.

Similarly, granite has various color patterns for countertops, slabs, or tiles. The grains are naturally present on their top surface. Therefore, it has different looks for countertops. In addition to it, granite is both heat and moisture-resistant. Consequently, it is highly functional for kitchens and bathrooms.

Continue reading if you want to explore different types of granite countertops. Granite is versatile in its colors and patterns. Therefore, its colors determine its features. Following are the most common types of granite countertops:

  1. Black galaxy granite
  2. White granite
  3. Uba tuba granite
  4. Imperial red granite
  5. Baltic brown granite
  6. Bianco Antico granite

1- Black galaxy granite:

Black galaxy granite is known for its unique galaxy outlook. As the name suggests, it is a black countertop surface with a galaxy-like grainy pattern. Additionally, black granite countertops give a luxurious look. Therefore, it is the best choice for bathroom countertops. 

Furthermore, black granite has gold and white specks on its surface. It gives a sky-like look to the countertop. Also, it looks perfect with dark cabinets and floor tiles. It is easy to clean and maintain.

2- White granite:

White granite is the most popular type of granite. Many people prefer this granite for their countertops. Additionally, it has pink, blue, green, and orange hues on its surface. Similarly, it is also easy to clean and maintain. However, the texture of the white granite countertops is similar to the black ones.

White granite is a favorite amongst many homeowners. Besides, it has many more colors on it. It comes in blue, grey, and black grainy patterns. White granite countertops give an elegant and clean look to your household.

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3- Uba tuba granite:

As the name suggests, this granite comes from Brazil. It has patterns of green, grey, and black veining on its surface. Uba tuba granite is best for a luxurious look. It is common in commercial areas. However, you can install this granite countertops in your kitchen or bathroom. The look of Uba tuba granite is slightly different from others.

4- Imperial red granite

The granite imperial red is common in India. The stone is unique and has a perfect stone look. Many people prefer this type of granite for their kitchens. Similarly, it has a beautiful deep red grainy pattern. However, it is slightly different from pink granite in its look.

In addition to it, this granite has red grains with black, white, and grey hues in it. Therefore, it gives a royal look to your household.

5- Baltic brown granite:

The most popular granite countertops material in kitchens is Baltic brown granite. Granite countertops suppliers offer the best quality brown granite at affordable prices. This brown-colored granite has a tan, gold, and grey hues on its surface. Its brown texture makes it easy to clean and maintain.

For instance, if you want to go neutral for your kitchen, opt for Baltic brown granite. Therefore, it gives a simple, natural feel to your kitchen. The unique grain-like design is the best part of this granite. You can also search online for granite countertops cost guide.

6- Bianco antico granite:

Are you are the kind of person who prefers grey color in home décor? Then, Bianco granite is the right choice for you. This type of granite has a gray base surface. However, black, blue, brown, and white hues are prominent on its surface. This granite has beautiful specks that will surprise you. 

Similarly, Bianco granite enhances the look of countertops. Also, you will find black and brownish bold hues on it. In this way, it increases the value of your kitchen and bathroom. Besides, it looks perfect with your dark green or navy-blue cabinets. Its grey color stands out in the background.


In conclusion, when you are designing your home, you will discover many types of granite. You will find its colors unique and perfect for your household. You can get whatever kind of granite you want from granite countertop suppliers. The look and texture of granite depend on the color scheme of its pattern. There is a wide range of white, red, pink, brown, grey, and blue granite countertops. The above list of granite will allow you to choose the right one for your household. 


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