6 Qualities To Look For In An Outside Storage Facility


Storage facilities come in handy when you have clutter or surplus in your home, office, or business premises. You can easily and conveniently store the extra stuff away without destroying or getting rid of it.

However, the condition of your belongings after storing them away depends on the storage facility you picked. It would help if you were keen to select a facility that ensures your things are safe and in the best condition possible. How do you know which facility to choose for your items?

How To Choose An Outside Storage Facility

  1. Availability of Differently Sized Units

An outside storage facility with one size of units is limiting because not everyone has the same amount of things they want to store. It could be too small for some people, while others do not need all the space. A good storage facility should provide a variety of unit sizes so that each client can choose whatever works for them.

  1. Are The Units Weatherproof?

Extreme weather conditions can damage your belongings. It is therefore important to select a weatherproof storage unit. Changing humidity is not good for some types of products like wood. A climate-controlled unit ensures that your things remain intact even when outside weather changes. Some people also store food items like meat in a storage unit. Such people need a unit that has very cold temperatures to keep the meat fresh.

  1. What Kind of Security Do They Have?

Once you leave your things at an outside storage facility, you should be able to find them in the same condition you left them. The facility should ensure the safety of your things even beyond the padlock you put on your unit. They should have a perimeter fence, 24/7 surveillance, and guards to keep off unauthorized persons. 

  1. How Clean is The Place?

A clean place is safe for your things because you do not have to worry about pest infestation. You also don’t have to worry whether your things will be clean and in good condition when you pick them up. Outside storage facilities that clean and fumigate their premises now and then are the best to keep your belongings.

  1. How Affordable Are the Rates?

Affordability is another important factor when looking for an outside storage facility. A storage unit is just additional space for storing your extra things, and if it costs more than the value of the items you want to keep, then it is not worth it. It would be best to look for facilities within your budget and still have all the other qualities discussed above.


Do not live in a cluttered home or office when you can rent out an outside storage facility and offload some things. However, examine the facility before renting to ensure that your items will be safe and the policies at the facility are conducive. Use the above list of qualities to determine whether a storage facility is worth it. 

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