6 Types of SSL Certificates to Keep Your Website Safe.


All we know is that in this age of technology, it is necessary to have a website that may provide the entire necessary briefly to your customers about your business for the success of your business. The use of SSL certificates is necessary for the successful growth of your organization.

Can you think, what would you do if all personal information or bank account details of your customers leaked out by hackers or unauthorized internet access? It would be nothing than a worse nightmare.

For the security of its users, Google has introduced SSL certification for websites. Moreover, it is also beneficial for people who browse websites. The secure website keeps the information of its users or customers private. On Google, if you see a green padlock along with the URL of your browsing website, it means that the website is secure for use. This article will help you know about the SSL certificate and its types to choose the most suitable option to keep your website safe.

SSL Certificate:

It is a digital certificate and security protocol that creates the encrypted link between web browser and web server and authenticates the identity of a website. This certificate is given to the website after complete verification. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, and this certificate means the website is secure for online transactions and keeps customers’ information private and secure. Your clients will feel safe and happy if you run your website with an SSL certificate.

Moreover, SSL certificates enhance the search engine ranking of a website, increase the speed of that website, and keep your sensitive information safe.

Types of SSL certificates:

Here we will discuss the 6 cheapest SSL certificates that you can buy for your website.

1.  Organization Validation Certificates (OV):

These certificates ensure the verification of business trustability. The validation process takes 2-5 days. It helps enhance customers’ trust in your business and is ideal for small to standard businesses with limited website budgets as it is the cheapest one.

2.  Domain Validation Certificates (DV):

This SSL certificate verifies the holder’s identity and confirms the website’s legitimacy by authorizing the domain of the business. A padlock icon is shown on the website that ensures a secure connection. It is a pocket-friendly option than other certificates and is issued quickly.

Extended Validation Certificates:

This certificate follows a hard and tough verification process. It checks the website domain with strict rules and then provides security. It is considered the best security one, provides other SSL certificates, and detects phishing websites. It is the safest certificate of all types.

3.  Wildcard SSL Certificates:

If you want to secure your website’s domain and subdomains, then Wildcard certificate security is the perfect one. After obtaining it, you don’t need any IP address for subdomains.

4.  Multi Domain SSL certificate:

This certificate is used for securing multiple server sites, including hostnames, private domain names, public domain names, and all such domains together with a single certificate.

5.  Code Signing Certificate

This certificate is used to verify the code software by software developers. It helps them in signing applications digitally. You can see the program’s name and information about the publisher and identify the downloaded software whether it is safe or not for usage.


Having a certificate increases the customers’ trust in your website. Also, boost the sales rate of the business. You can buy many cheapest SSL certificates for securing your website, including Extended Validation Certificates, Wildcard SSL Certificates, and many others.

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