7 Breitling Watches You Must Add to Your Collection


Breitling has created a vast potential for excellent watches, a leading part in the formation of the wrist chronograph, and a total dedication to design perfection since 1884. Breitling has a long history of being associated with aviation and has witnessed some of the most memorable moments in humanity’s mastery of the air. It is well-known for its innovative attitude, and it has gained a sense of prominence in the fields of science, sports, and engineering. The brand makes its movements in-house, and the quality of each watch is validated by its position as a COSC-certified Swiss chronometer.

Breitling’s slogan is “instruments for professionals,” and their timepieces are most closely associated with expert military personnel, aviators, and divers. While this brand has its own niche among luxury watches, it may be appreciated by everyone. If you want to include Breitling in your portfolio, here are very functional but affordable designs to commence with.

  1. Navitimer

The Navitimer is undoubtedly the brand’s most recognizable watch, having been in existence for the longest period, having debuted in 1952. This Breitling watch line is a traditional sports chronograph with a throwback style, with a transparent open face design and a circular slide rule on the bezel and dial.

The Navitimer was initially developed with aircraft in mind, with the slide rule functionality allowing a pilot to make all of the computations needed by a flight plan. Other pieces in the series, such as the Cosmonaute and the GMT World, have a second time zone and a 24-hour dial.

The Navitimer 01, the set’s hero, blends innovative layout with Breitling’s technical prowess, featuring an in-house Calibre 01 movement for ultimate precision. It is distinguished by its red second hand, black dial, red second hand, steel case, and it is also offered in rose gold. The iconic slide rule is handled smoothly and easily thanks to the bi-directional, ratcheted spinning bezel. The Navitimer is only water-resistant to 30 meters and is not intended for diving. It is available in sizes ranging from 43 mm to 48 mm, with prices ranging from $6,687 to $24,877.

  1. Chronomat

The Chronomat is a more durable timepiece with a bulkier, thicker casing; it’s designed to be an all-rounder and 500-meter water-resistant. It is available in steel, gold, or steel and gold, and features a diver’s chronograph and bezel. Almost every single piece in the line, notable models like the Chronomat 44, feature an in-house Breitling movement. The Chronomat series is completely customizable, with a wide range of straps, dials, and bracelets available. Its dimensions range from 38 mm to 47 mm, and its price ranges from $7,454 to $59,381.

  1. Transocean

The Transocean line is a modern interpretation of the traditional midcentury style. It integrates Breitling’s in-house chronograph movements in the bulk of the collection, with a reference to the vintage but a more modest design. The dial is clean and easy to read, with attached hour markers, beautifully inset counters, and an engraving of the B initial on the dial, which functioned as the label’s trademark for several years. Models include the eye-catching Transocean Unitime, which also has a chronograph movement. Its dimensions range from 38 mm to 46 mm, and its price ranges from $5,367 to $33,240.

  1. Avenger

The Breitling Avenger has a sleeker case design than the Chronomat, with either an automatic or automatic chronograph movement and a diver’s bezel. Even though Avenger lacks an in-house movement, it is nonetheless hand polished to Breitling’s stringent standards.

The Avenger 11 Chronograph is available in a variety of dial colors like black, blue, and grey, with hour markers or stencil numerals, and with a bracelet or a rubber strap. With screwed-in pushpiece guards and a self-winding chronometer-certified chronograph movement, the steel case is 300-meter water-resistant. Its dimensions range from 44 mm to 48 mm, and its price ranges from $3,919 to $9,201.

  1. Superocean

The Superocean line, targeted to divers, offers a highly visible dial, bright markings, and, in the case of the Superocean Chronograph M2000, the only diver’s chronograph that can be used for timed underwater. This latest-generation diver’s watch, with a strong 44 mm steel casing, is characterized by its excellent 1,000-meter water resistance. The Breitling Superocean has a highly legible blue or black dial with luminous hands and large numerals and a chronometer-certified self-winding movement. A security valve balances the pressure difference between the interior and exterior of the case. Its sizes range from 42 mm to 46 mm, and its prices range from $3620 to $8051.

  1. Colt

The Colt is the entry-level design for the brand and an excellent timepiece to begin your series, with a SuperQuartzTM movement that is ten times more efficient than normal quartz. The Breitling Colt is a durable, dependable, and effective watch with a 200-meter water-resistant case, etched hour markers, and a unidirectional bezel. Its dimensions range from 36 mm to 44 mm, and its prices range from $2,669 to $5,608.

  1.  Professional

Breitling’s Professional collection comprises the greatest degree of technological competence frequently needed by captains and military men, such as the Aerospace, Cockpit B50, and Emergency lines. The Emergency is the world’s first timepiece with a built-in dual-frequency Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) that can emit alarms as well as guide search and recovery activities, making it an important survival tool for travelers.

It is fitted with a SuperQuartzTM movement, which is ten times more efficient than conventional quartz, and it is also available in a black titanium “Night Mission” variant with an anti-glare stealth-type look ideal for the most dangerous missions. Its dimensions range from 43 mm to 51 mm, and its price ranges from $3,464 to $17096.

In A Nutshell

Breitling has sponsored aviation undertakings such as the Reno Air Races from 2002 to 2015, Yves Rossy’s fixed-wing jet pack flights, aerobatic groups such as the Breitling Jet Team and Wingwalkers, and the first balloon circumnavigation of the planet with Breitling Orbiter. Breitling was a supporter of Team Bentley’s Le Mans 24 Hours competition from 2001 to 2003, and it produced the Breitling Bentley 24 Le Mans Watch to honor this.

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