7 Facts You Should Know About Tiny Houses

Tiny Houses

The tiny house movement has been gaining in popularity in recent years all over the world. Many people are intrigued by tiny houses from TV shows and social media posts, but they don’t know the facts about these homes. It’s time to find out these facts and why the trend for tiny houses is growing exponentially.

The Popularity of Tiny Homes

We all know tiny homes are gaining popularity. However, there’s a reason why tiny homes in Australia are so popular. Those who don’t know what tiny houses are, are smaller than a typical home and often do not exceed 400 square feet. They were once considered an economical housing option for low-income families. But these homes have become more popular among millennials, retirees, and downsizers looking to simplify their lives while enjoying modern conveniences like running water and electricity.

Because of the sustainability of tiny homes, these houses are all the rage lately. From tiny homes for sale in Melbourne to tiny homes Brisbane, these tiny living spaces are an affordable, sustainable way of life for many people worldwide.

Today, we will talk about a few facts that you should know about tiny houses.

Facts You Should Know About Tiny Houses

If you are not familiar with tiny home living or want more information on tiny homes, here are the facts homebuyers should know about tiny homes:

  1. Tiny houses can be built in one day. Since tiny houses are a tiny space, some tiny homes have been built for as small as 98 square feet!
  1. Tiny houses are affordable. A tiny house can cost as low as $5000.00 for a primary tiny home, but if you wish to live in luxury, tiny homes are available with an average price of around $40,000 that have all the amenities included!
  1. Your lifestyle changes as you live in a tiny house. Tiny home living is not just about decluttering and getting rid of most of your things. Tiny house living is a whole new living. Unlike conventional homes, you get to spend time with the people you live with within your tiny house. You also tend to spend more time outdoors, talking with your neighbours and friends. Tiny home living influences your lifestyle- these changes won’t happen overnight, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll love it. Once you live in a tiny house, you will learn your way to a minimalist life and decluttering. 
  2. Things are multifunctional in a tiny house. All the furniture and items would serve their functions. In a tiny home, you can turn your table into a bed. The bathroom could be your shower at the same time. Your bookshelves or dress could turn into a kitchen cabinet, and your stairs can be an extra storage space. Since there’s limited space at your house, you should learn the cross-functionality of your things.  With creativity and practicality, you can learn to cross-function your stuff in your tiny home.
  1. Say goodbye to “shop ’til you drop.” With tiny house living, there should be less splurging on groceries or malls. People who live in tiny houses need to reduce impulsive-buying habits. If you love to collect things, it might break your heart to avoid a fabulous sale of your collection. But it’s all worth it as you explore more of the great outdoors! Whether you choose to go on a hike in nature or drive 20 minutes for some shopping, tiny home living leaves more room for adventure than city life ever could.
  1. Tiny home living requires serious general home cleaning. It may seem so easy to tidy up; you need to take time in cleaning up and organising your house. Despite the aesthetic pictures you commonly see in magazines or online about tiny homes, the limited space inside may mean more clutter you need to get rid of. A tiny house has no spare rooms for storage purposes; hence it might not take time for your tiny house to fill up with clutter.
  1. Tiny houses are eco-friendly and are an environmentally conscious choice. These houses don’t need much energy to heat. Thus, tiny homeowners can opt for greener power sources such as solar panels or wind turbines. Living in a tiny home reduces one’s carbon footprint because of the reduced size of the house itself, which saves electric bills. 


Tiny houses are becoming a great housing option for many. The above facts about tiny houses explain why these houses are an increasingly popular option. While tiny homes are becoming more popular, there are some things that people should know before building one. By understanding all of these facts, you can make an informed decision about tiny homeownership.


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