7 Hidden Facts About Escuminac Maple Syrups You Should Know


Let’s face it!

If you want to ensure a power-packed and nutrient-filled breakfast or your favourite recipe, you cannot go wrong with Escuminac Maple Syrups!

A unique commodity is maple syrup, called “liquid gold” in Canada. The maple leaf, made from the tree’s sweet sap, even appears on the Canadian flag, but it is much more than just a topping for pancakes.

Fact #1: Rich History (Just Like its Taste)

In addition to having a rich flavour, maple syrup has a rich history. The first records of this delectable syrup date back to the 1600s, when people were boiling sap to make sugar. It is becoming a popular ingredient at supermarkets and farm stalls. It is used as a natural sweetener in baking and cooking.

Fact #2:There are Maple Syrup Seasons.

Around late February, at the height of spring or early April, maple trees begin to be tapped or pierced for syrup. Syrup producers worry if winter is warmer than usual because when the trees begin to blossom, the sap quality deteriorates. However, if they start tapping too soon, there’s a danger they won’t produce good sap.

Fact #3:The Amount of Sap in a Bottle is Unbelievable.

One gallon of maple syrup is made from forty gallons of maple sap. The sap must be cooked down to a sugar shack to produce this delicious, rich syrup sold commercially. The liquid completely evaporates during this process.

Fact #4:Not all maple trees are capable of producing sap.

Although there are 13 different maple trees in North America, not all of them are harvested for their sap. Black maple, red maple, and sugar maple are examples of trees that cannot generate sap. However, the value of maple trees extends beyond just their syrup-making capacity. Maple tree wood is frequently used to make bowling pins and baseball bats.

Fact #5: They Are A Healthier Choice.

High-quality maple syrups are generally healthier than most available sweets, whether it’s high-fructose corn syrup or white sugar. They taste well and are a unique alternative for toppings on various cuisines because they are high in nutrients and antioxidants. However, due to its high-calorie content, you cannot sprinkle this on any item you consume. You must use maple syrup sparingly because one tablespoon has more than 50 calories.

Fact #6:The Most Maple Syrup Producer? QUEBEC

Quebec, a Canadian province located north of Vermont, is the world’s top producer of maple syrup, even though North America as a whole produces the majority of it. Every year, Quebec produces 7,989,000 gallons of maple syrup. Vermont, which generates 890,000 gallons annually, comes in second, followed by Ontario, New York, and Maine.

Fact #7:The Grade you Choose Matters.

As was already noted, there are many grades of maple syrup. It can be labelled as Grade A, B, or graded based on the syrup’s hue. The flavour of the syrup will be more intense the darker it is.

The four-colour classes are generally collected: the lightest (Golden) is harvested first during cooler months; the darkest (Very Dark) is harvested last during balmy spring days.


Maple syrups are a great alternative to sugar because they are healthier. However, research while purchasing maple syrup because many fraudulent products are available.


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