7 ingenious ways to modify your custom boxes!


Custom boxes are exciting brand assets, the services of which for brand promotion cannot be denied. The packaging needs might differ considering the fact what type of items your business is selling, but designing is important. When opting for a specific design, both the functional and aesthetic points of view need to be remembered.

You need to strike a perfect balance between both of them as paying attention to only one of them could result in product rejection. Prospective clients always want an experience that makes them feel extraordinary. So, inject some glamor, creativity, and practicality into your packaging to get noticed. 

Creative styling:

The shape of your packaging can obviously win the hearts of potential clients. Get rid of rote box shapes and design custom packages in unique and interesting shapes. An unusual hexagonal shape with a window cut design at the lid or forefront side can be a perfect garnish for your boxes. The hexagonal box looks compelling on its own, but the windowpanes bring further exclusivity to the design.

You can also make a festive choice in this aspect, such as a butterfly-shaped box for the spring season. If you have an eye for graphic printing, you can glamorize the appearance further by merging the artistic shapes with eye-catching patterns. Several brands go for a sleeve and tray box shape that generates an outstanding unboxing experience with its slide-to-see design. 

Aim for minimalism:

The product boxes with complex visuals are too common in the market. The customers are showing increased displeasure over such packages from the past few years. The confusing visuals make it tough for the visitors to understand the message the brand is trying to convey.

It is, for this reason, minimalist designs are in high demand these days. Various businesses across the industry are sticking with simple visual elements for a better customer experience. Instead of using high-impact color patterns and confusing artwork, use line arts to bring simplicity factor into play. It is a fine way to avoid facing customer backlash and encouraging repeat business. 

Perfectly fit design:

There are unimaginable benefits a perfectly fit packaging design can provide you. Make sure to tailor the wholesale boxes in a way that they are exactly the size as your products are. Such a practice sends a positive message to the clients that you care about the product safety standards. Ready-made or customary packages are loose-fit and large as compared to the items being packed.

The extra space between the items and walls of the packages encourages product displacement inside. The constant striking or collision of the items all over the packaging walls damages their original posture. The result is a damaged delivery that does not get appreciated no matter how loyal your customer base is. So, make perfectly fitting boxes to ensure the best transportation experience and reduce product returns. 

Exceptional design elements:

The design elements have true potential in making your items look stand out in the retail market. Use contrasting colors and exciting patterns to uplift the visual prominence of your custom boxes. Patterns are one of the most significant branding elements and can be used both inside as well as outside of the packages.

It is up to you if you want to print a custom pattern or try some timeless patterns like stripes and polka dots. For a better customer experience, you can customize your boxes with a paper-like pattern as it gives a hint of gifts inside. Colors are also central to provide an indication of your brand personality. Use contrasting and brand-themed colors in your design, but make sure they do not produce too much visual noise. 

Add functionality:

The functional aspect of packaging often gets ignored, which is why brands fail to hook needed attention in the market. Do not make such a grave mistake and always cater to the needs of clients with a functional box design. Even the small details matter the most in this aspect.

A magnetic closure of the boxes is a great idea to elevate the opening and re-closing experience of the customers. The handling mechanisms also provide sufficient convenience in the carrying process, so think of adding them to the design. Such functional customizations work perfectly in making your products stand out from the crowd. 

Inside-package printing:

Decorate the inside of your packages with custom printing as it matters for bringing excitement to customers. It is a unique concept being used by several brands, and the best part is that it does not cost you much. The inside lid of the boxes is a perfect place to do that.

The personalized yet surprising messages can be printed here to reflect your creativity. It is also an ideal opportunity for you to extend the story of your brand and promote conversions. So, imprint the visual brand elements such as taglines, mascots, and pain points for maximum promotion. 

Imaginative doodles:

The best possible way to bring an increased aesthetic prominence to your custom packages is their decoration with doodles.

They are actually line drawings that often have concrete representational meaning to impress the audience. You can add a personal touch to your boxes with the doodles and express your brand personality creatively. The doodles that are aimed towards holidays and specific occasions are usually a better choice in this aspect. 

The custom boxes designed in these ways are a real asset to your branding strategy. For a creative design, you need to give some serious thought to customers’ expectations and your business needs. The identity of your brand is the real thing that ranks you above other competitors of the same product. If you can reflect on your personality through the design, nothing is better than that to leave your mark as a retailer. 

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