7 Terrific Tips To Design Your Doors


What do you think people do while waiting outside your door after ringing your doorbell?

You are right, they take in the details of your home entrance. Therefore, before you could even greet with your wide welcome-smile, they have judged you based on how you have kept your entrance. If they find the space beautiful and clean, they would automatically feel welcomed before receiving any greetings.

People tend to think that their home entrance or their front doors only serve the practical purpose, but it does a lot more than letting your guests in and out.

Most people are so focused on the colour of their sofa set, furniture and bed sheets that they often overlook that it is their home entrance that accompanies their guests before anything else. Designing and planning your home entrance is also crucial for energy efficiency and it determines how you want your home to interact with its surroundings.

 People would not take their home entrance seriously, because it is outside of their homes, however, your home entrance is one of the most impressionable parts of your home. Essentially, the entrance sets the stage for what is coming and makes your guest feel welcomed or unwelcomed at once!

Your front doors do not have to look boring. Just like any corner of your house, you should give your front doors some personality. First impressions matter and designing your front door is the ultimate key to add appeal to your home.  Front doors not only welcome the guests they also convey your personality, that is why a few touches can make a huge difference.

If you are unable to give attention to your home entrance because of a packed schedule, then you should buy a composite door for the entrance of your home, as a composite door offers a  perfect fusion of style and practicality. At Door Centre, we provide a wide array of designs for composite doors, so you can win the hearts of your guests.

But if you are keen on adorning your home entrance with or without the composite doors, then pay attention to this blog, as we have collected some easy and terrific tips for you to design home entrance.

1. Channel some coastal vibes

Pale sand-coloured doors and whitewashed cladding add a calming effect to your entrance. So just get your walls painted white, get a blue rug, some lantern and add a wooden swing or a rocking chair to create a stylish yet relaxing beach aura.

2. Match the front doors to the style of your home

Since your front door is a focal point to the exterior of your home, it is important to ensure that colours of your home interior are in perfect harmony with the exterior of your house. Therefore, if your home has a Moroccan-inspired look, then bright colours would be fabulous for home entrance.

Similarly, if your home has lots of neutral shades, then you should add neutral-coloured Dutch front door to give the exterior of your home a cosy and welcoming feel.  If you want to add a bit of grandeur, then incorporate a door adorned with intricate ironwork.

3. Add pretty hangings

One cannot possibly go wrong with hanging cute baskets for a touch of tenderness. To achieve a picture-perfect romantic cottage entrance, colour your door with petal pink and hang baskets of flowers.

4. Go for 3D effect

A 3D effect is an emerging form of design that creates geometric patterns. The repetitive mouldings and shapes of 3D intrigues many onlookers, that is why incorporating 3D effect to your door would be very smart. You can either get this effect through painting your door with one colour or you can also highlight the door with a solid metallic colour to add details.

5. Create a curvy appeal

The front doors do not necessarily have to look rectangular, therefore, to add softness to your home entrance, you should consider getting a circular-paned door or arched porch. The good news is that the round shapes work great with all types of doors.

6. Get a Supersize door number

Getting your door number in a super-size not only provides an ease to the delivery men, but it also gives your porch a smart and tidy effect.

7. Add the expressions with accents

You can make your door interesting by adding different panels with different materials and textures. You can add etched glass, solid wood, metal and many more.

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