7 Ultimate Ways to Help You to Promote Your YouTube Videos


YouTube has changed many lives of artist from all around the world. Artists evolving on YouTube have gone on to achieve great success in their music careers. YouTube engages the most audience than any other video streaming platform, which also enhances your chance of getting the proper engagement on your channel. 

Presenting your work and your talent to your target audience must always be your number one motive as it helps enhance your online presence. However, for getting the desired engagement and for being noticed by your target audience, promotion of your YouTube videos are necessary on a daily basis. 

So, here are 7 ultimate tips for promoting your YouTube videos:

1. Targeting the Right Audience

YouTube is such a platform that can come up with millions of active users at a time. Content creators are continuously proving contents to their respective YouTube channels. Viewers, on the other hand come according to their demands. Therefore, it is very important to promote your YouTube videos to target your audience according to your aspect and form of content as every other viewer in YouTube will not be going through your video as it depends on the genre they are searching for. In Order to target the right audience, you must:

  • Observe the videos of your rival channels.
  • Analyze their audience and the engagement on their channels.
  • Go for music promotion websites, which will help you target your audience.

2. Proper Optimization of your YouTube Channel

If any potential viewer is finding for a solution to any problem nowadays, he/she instantly types it in Google and YouTube is owned by Google. The matter that is being portrayed here is that Google searches along with proper YouTube channel optimization will only do well for your uploaded videos. Few YouTube channel optimization tips are as follows:

  • Using the trending hash tags in the video description.
  • Title of the video must consist of effective keyword.
  • A proper researchwill help you in the proper implementation of keywords.

3. Make the Perfect Thumbnail

YouTube has loads of videos on almost every topic in the world. Viewers prefer clicking bon those particular videos whose thumbnail are attractive. For targeting viewers, you must make the perfect thumbnail which looks good and defines the true nature of the video and is informative too as a potential viewer goes through your thumbnail at first. For creating the perfect thumbnail, which will attract viewers to your video, here are some tips you should follow-:

  • Choosing the right picture that defines the essence of your video.
  • Consider adding informative text.
  • Go for eye catchy colors if you are going for a customized thumbnail.

4. Proper Implementation of Content Marketing

If you ask any artist in the world their secret formula for getting famous, the answer would be content marketing. Proper implementation of content marketing can be executed by starting blogs on your own website where you can promote your music videos and engage audience on a wider basis by sharing informative facts. Talking about content, proper use of keywords is very important as it helps your content appear higher in search results. One can also take help from professionals in order to make them write their blogs, press releases and more.

5. Collaborating with fellow YouTubers

YouTube is a platform where you can meet fellow artists who are coming up with videos from same genre. Collaboration in YouTube is an effective method for getting the proper engagement on your channel as partnering with a fellow YouTuber having the same kind of base as you will definitely help you enhance your presence as a content creator and will also result in getting more views and likes along with subscribers.

6. Promoting your video on Social Media

You can promote your video social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Your friends and followers on social media will be able to know and be aware regarding all your upcoming releases. In order to create the excitement, you can also give teasers of any of your upcoming music video by sharing short samples. Social media has a wide group of audience and you can easily expect a good engagement on your YouTube video by sharing the links of your video on your social media accounts.

7. Opting for Professional Assistance

Any creator has to do a lot of work while shooting, editing and finally releasing the video on their channel. Right after you upload your video, the hectic work of promoting it arises. In order to move away from this particular responsibility, you can opt for a professional assistance by searching for music video promotion services which many companies offer. You can choose your desired package according to your budget and the agencies will ensure fully organic engagement on your YouTube channel resulting in getting more views, Likes, comments and subscribers.

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