8 Maternity Leave Essentials for New Mums


Maternity leave is an exciting time for new mums. However, it can also be stressful and difficult since you have to adjust to life as a new parent.

To make the transition easier, here are four maternity leave essentials for new mums:

1.   Pregnancy Journal

A pregnancy journal is a great way to document your journey through pregnancy and keep track of all the moments that are special to you. It’s also a great way to remember all the changes in your baby’s growth over time. A pregnancy journal can help you look back and reminisce about the good times when you were pregnant with your child. If you’re a working mum, you better contact Australian Unions for government paid parental leave to clear your concepts.

2.   Baby Book

A baby book is another essential item for maternity leave essentials for new mums because it will help you keep track of all the important milestones in your baby’s life from birth onwards. You can use this book as a memory book or scrapbook so that you can preserve precious memories of their first year.

3.   Pregnancy pillow

Pregnancy pillows are designed to help with back pain during pregnancy and after childbirth. They’re also great for supporting your growing bump and preventing aches and pains in your legs.

4.   Baby carrier

A baby carrier will make life easier when your little one is born as it gives you hands-free access to all the things you need while keeping your baby close to you at all times. This is particularly important if you have other children at home who need constant supervision or if you have mobility issues that make carrying an infant difficult.

5.   Nursing bra

A good nursing bra will make feeding times easier, especially if you plan on breastfeeding exclusively or partially feeding your baby breast milk instead of formula or food at first. You’ll need at least three nursing bras: one for sleeping in, one for wearing during the day, and one to wear while nursing in public.

6.   A good bag

Every mum needs a good bag to carry around all her stuff! It should be big enough for your laptop, but still small enough to fit comfortably on your shoulder or across your body. You want something that looks nice as well as being practical – maybe even stylish! If you like shopping, consider getting a designer handbag from brands like Michael Kors or Kate Spade during one of their sales.

7.   A folder for important papers

You don’t need anything fancy here – just a simple folder with folders inside so that you can organize all your important papers neatly in one place. This includes things like medical records (including vaccination history), birth certificate and insurance information.

8.   Breast pump

A breast pump is a must-have if you plan on breastfeeding, especially if you plan on returning to work full-time or part-time when your maternity leavesend. The Medela Freestyle Breast Pump ($245) has two settings so it works whether your milk supply is low or high, plus it’s small enough to fit in a purse or diaper bag when traveling.

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