8 Ways to Get Rid of Ingrown Hair


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Ingrown hair can result in being pretty annoying. These hairs can get painful and itchy as it forms red bumps or dots in the area. At times they can also turn into a pimple-like bump that can be infected. However, no matter how agitating their formation gets, you must not squeeze or treat them carelessly as it can worsen the situation. They can show up anywhere on your body quite frequently, especially if you have coarse or curly hair. Here are eight ways to get rid of your ingrown hair, as suggested by experts 

  1. Exfoliate

Ingrown hairs are usually caused by clogged pores of dirt or dead skin. These hairs can also grow sideways into your skin which causes severe pain. Exfoliating at least once a week can prevent your hair from going sideways and your pores from getting blocked by dirt or oil. Try to exfoliate before shaving and scrub the legs to help them unclog. It will also scrape off the dead skin that keeps piling over the surface that basically traps new hair into the follicles. It might also end up bringing the ingrown hair towards the outside so that it can grow properly. Remember that they can even pop up on your face, so you need to be really careful. Here’s what you need to know about face serums to take care of your facial skin. 

  1. Use a dry brush

Dry brushing is a way of scraping dead skin off and giving the hair a proper space to grow correctly. It is a vigorous brush with stiff bristles that you brush against your skin in a circular motion to prevent ingrown hairs from forming. This is a kind of physical exfoliation that releases the tucked hair from underneath your skin. As it is a cruel way of exfoliating your skin, you’d want to limit it to only once a week. However, if your skin is way too sensitive or prone to redness, then you may skip this step altogether. 

  1. Consider hair removal creams 

If you’re accustomed to shaving, that is probably the most significant cause of several ingrown hairs. Shaving leads to a sharper edge to your hair when they grow back, which increases the likelihood of them getting poked back into the pores. Therefore, you can shift towards hair removal creams to experience a less intense method of hair removal. However, if you want de-fluff, you can try sensitive hair removal creams to enhance your overall experience. 

  1. Get a good razor

If you still want to stick to shaving, you need to make sure that you’re using a good razor. The use of the wrong blade indicates the formation of ingrown hairs. A good razor would smoothly glide against your skin, leaving no half-shaved hair left behind. A wrong blade would pull out your hair, leading to increased chances of ingrown hair. It would also lead to cuts or nicks, making your follicles infected.

If you think single blades are better, studies show no difference between single or multiple-blade razors. At the same time, remember that razors are disposable, so don’t keep your razor lurking around at the corner of your shower for a long time. Blades can dull away quickly, leaving you with a bumpy shave, proving that they are not for long-term use. If you keep using an ages-old razor, you’re only exacerbating your ingrown hair situation. So, invest some money into getting new blades or a couple of extra razors to prevent the irritation of skin. 

  1. Use shaving gels 

Shaving gels or creams are imperative when shaving your hair. Dry shaving can be harsh, rough, and bumpy. Get a good shaving cream to give your skin extra smoothness or slip to ensure that the blade doesn’t drag. This keeps you from irritating any sensitive spots on the skin or triggering ingrown hairs. In addition, you can use a sensitive formula to prevent your hair from drying. The Organic Lavender Shaving Gel or Pfb Vanish are excellent shaving choices and work best as post-waxing serums. They moisturize and exfoliate your skin to treat ingrown hairs, bumps, or razor burns. The fantastic result is precisely what you’re looking for as a treatment. 

  1. Make sure to shave in the right direction

Shaving in the right direction refers to shaving in the same direction as the growth of the hair. If you shave in the opposite direction, you’ll be cutting them at a much sharper edge, leaving more opportunity for them to penetrate under the skin. The best technique to do that is by using a sharp and clean razor, free of any rust. Rinse off the blade after every use to get rid of all the hair. Don’t shave off your hair as soon as they grow back; give them time to develop properly before shaving. Sterilize the blade with rubbing alcohol after every use, and do not overuse the disposable razor. 

  1.  Post-shave gels

While you’re giving your best in the process of shaving or hair removal, you can’t leave your skin untouched post that. After-shave treatment is the most important way to keep your skin moisturized, plumped, less inflamed, and prevent the dermis from clogging your pores. There several gels and creams to apply after shaving that is designed to help. Make sure to choose a gel that contains an anti-inflammatory formula with glycolic acid to help your skin breathe. Remember that your skin needs hydration, so do not forget to apply moisturizer regularly. The more suffocated you keep your skin, the more problems you’ll be facing. 

  1.  Use a sterile tweezer 

If, after everything, ingrown hair still keeps popping up, there is another tip to use. First of all, ignore your temptation of squeezing it because you might end up spreading bacteria into the pores triggering various infections, or you can just push the hair further into the skin. You can either just let them be because most of the time, they’ll go on their own, or you can use a sterile tweezer to tweeze the hair out of the follicle. However, do not force it out. If it’s close to the skin surface, you will be able to take it out gently; otherwise, it is better to leave it alone.


Ingrown hair a common issue faced by many. It would be best if you deal with it gently and not impulsively to treat it. However, if the problem worsens, make sure to see a dermatologist right away! The tips mentioned above guaranteed to help you with the annoyance and irritation that it causes. 

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