9 Best Wine Tours Around The World


Are you a travel junkie? 

Do you love wine? 

Are you planning to visit the best award-winning wineries in the world? 

If your answer is “yes” to all these questions, this post is for you. In this article, we are going to describe the best wine tours around the globe. From the United States to New Zealand, here you will find a taste of different country wines. 

The concept of wine tours is becoming popular these days. More and more people now opt to travel around the world just to taste the best wines. This post is for all those who want to have a truly special wine experience. No matter if you are a wine enthusiast or just an admirer of a good glass of wine, you are going to love these fantastic wine tours. There are plenty of travel companies that offer brewery tours services globally, choose any of these destinations, and plan your next wine tour. 

Wine Country In San Francisco

Located in the north of San Francisco, this winery is a pleasant retreat for locals. People from all over the globe fly to this place just to enjoy a lovely holiday with their special ones. Here you are far away from the disharmony of city life. Climb up on the hills and leave the stress away. It has become one of the top tourist attractions of San Francisco. If you are planning a wine tour of this place, you can also enjoy other major attractions in the area. Yosemite National Park is one of those places that you would enjoy visiting when you are in San Francisco. 

Virginia Wine Tours

If you are one of the best winery tours around the globe, Virginia is indeed that one place. You will get so many recommendations on the internet to visit the beautiful wineries of Virginia. It has become the 5th largest wine producer in the United States with more than 300 wineries. Terroir driven wines are the focus of this area’s best winemakers. You will find a variety of viticulture areas here, which are copious with beautiful wineries with Tarara and Linden being the two most amazing wineries. Louden County is the largest viticulture area and it is home to plenty of award-winning wineries. 

Madrid Wine Tours

When you are looking for an exotic wine taste, Madrid is the city where you should be. Plan your next visit to Madrid and have a tasting experience that you will never forget. Here you are going to relish on some of the fantastic regional wines. It indeed is the best place to enjoy Spanish wines. Spain is one of those travel destinations which is highly popular among solo travelers. If you are also traveling alone, do not forget to explore its wineries along with having other Madrid experiences. Some visitors do not find summers good enough to visit Madrid, so it would be best for you to book your Madrid flight after summers. 

Lisbon Wine Tour

If we talk about the best foodie places in Europe, Lisbon will top the list. It indeed is a paradise for foodies. Offering a rocking combination of food and brandy, it must be one of the must-visit places on your checklist. When planning a wine tour to Europe, make sure that you visit Lisbon. You can also take help from the wine tour companies to plan your trip. Some companies offer top-class brewery tour services. Hire the one and pack as much as possible to sip the finest Portuguese Cherry brandy. 

Barcelona Wine Experiences

If you are traveling to Barcelona, a wine tasting session is a must. Located in the Montserrat Mountain Range, the city offers the best wine tours to visitors. Other than relishing the exotic wineries, you can soak pleasure from thousands of other places in the area. In addition to wine, a walking tour of Old Town is also a must when you are in Barcelona. It indeed is a once in a lifetime excursion, so you need to be very active when you are there.

Seattle Wine Tours

The next on our list is Seattle- the hub of the best food, wine, and music. When you are in Seattle, you just forget that someone special is waiting for you back home. You are so immersed in its beauty that it becomes easy for you to forget the city lights. Snoqualmie Falls are one of the must-see attractions along with visiting different wineries. 

Winery Tours From Auckland

New Zealand is a country of beautiful-hearted people. When you are in New Zealand, do not forget to take a tour of boutique wineries in Auckland. Stonyridge Vinyard is a winery that is included among the best tubing companies serving in the area. Famous for its Cabernet blends of food and wine, it is a romantic spot that is a must-visit for couples. You can easily book a tour of this winery with different wine companies. 

Melbourne Wine Tours

The next on our list is Melbourne, the happening city of Australia that welcomes wine lovers unlike any other place in the world. You would love Yarra Valley Wine from Melbourne. This area is known for its abundance of winegrowers which makes it a perfect place to learn about the wine-making process. Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are two famous wines of this area. Balgownie Estate Vineyard is the best place to stay when you are visiting Melbourne for amazing wine tours. 

Wine Tastings In Paris

The last on our list is Loire valley, a place of exotic vineyards that are located in the South of Paris approximately a two-hour drive. You will find plenty of wine tasting opportunities in this area. If you are a wine lover, make sure that you visit this place at least once in your life. 

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