9 External and Natural Factors Ruining the Roof

Ruining the Roof

The roof is an essential part of the house that needs the most attention. But despite the efforts, damages are inevitable. The causes of the damages are often visible and immediate, but according to roofing companies In Peabody, MA, some signs clear until some time has passed. Keep reading to know the Factors of Ruining the Roof.

Three Overall Causes of Roof Damages

The residential roofers have suggested that the roof can get damaged in three different ways. Two of them are because of the carelessness of homeowners, and one has natural causes.

  1. The first thing that can be the cause of the ruin of the roof is that it has outlived the age. The average age of the roof is between 15 to 20 years; if it is adequately maintained. Signs become apparent when the roof has crossed this age.
  2. People solely cause this kind of damage; when they ignore or purposely neglect the maintenance and repairing of the roof. Also, homeowners are not careful and don’t prevent unnatural disasters from happening.
  3. Extreme weather conditions are the only natural cause of Ruining the Roof damage. Humans can’t avert the natural phenomenon from occurring, but they can take measures to protect the roof and house.

Roofing Companies In Peabody MA Tell About Natural Factors

People often get confused about the natural causes of roof damage? Roofing companies and contractors In Peabody, MA, explain the following reasons and the natural damages.

Branches and Leaves from Trees

If your house is located in an area surrounded by trees, then leaves and branches will fall on the roof. Even the tiny twigs and leaves can cause significant damage; if they are not cleared on time.

Debris from Other Destroyed Buildings

Natural disasters are the leading causes of damages to the buildings, as roofing companies like Melo’s Construction have suggested. The debris from the houses can reach your roof, wreck the roof and clog the gutter system.

Small Animals and Insects

On several occasions, small animals and insects make their nests on the roof and attic. When the roof is not inspected, it can damage the shingles and wooden structures.

Downpour Causing Gutter System Issues

The branches, twigs, leaves, animals, and insects are the biggest reason for a clogged gutter system. When it snows and rains, the melted water is unable to pour down the pipes.

Strong Windy Weather

The shingles on the roof are blown away because of the strong winds. This happens because the material holding the shingles has worn out. Thus, making it easy to remove them.

Excessive Rain and Hail

Hail is a natural phenomenon that occurs worldwide; many times, the damages caused are not intense. But when the intensity of a hail storm increases, then the roof is prone to damage. Also after excessive rainwater gathers on the roof, damaging the whole structure.

Snow Storms and Icy Weather

Melted water gathers on the roof when you don’t take care of the roof after a snowfall or icy weather. It can seep into the ceiling causing interior damage.

Ultra-Violet Rays of Sun

The sun’s UV rays are hazardous because the gluing material of the shingle will dry out quicker than usual.

Many Reasons of Moisture

According to roofing companies In Peabody, MA, snow, ice, and rain are the three main reasons for the appearance of moisture on the ceiling. When the water is not cleared, it penetrates the roof structure. These are worthy tips that we have shared with you in this article.

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