9 reasons you need a “Mobile first” marketing approach


Is your business website mobile friendly? Does it take more than 3 second to load?

The answers to these simple questions can determine the success or failure of your online marketing strategy.

Mobile friendly is not just an additional feature of your web. It is something that can make or break your online business.

All marketers know that the mobile ecosystem is expanding rapidly. There has been more than a 250 percent increase in smartphone users between 2012 and 2018. 

Here is why you need to hire a mobile app developer and invest in a robust ‘mobile-first’ marketing strategy:

1.      Higher Accessibility

Mobile devices have become the primary way of accessing digital media. Research shows that 60 percent of the time expended in the digital arena is from mobile devices. Whereas, time spent on digital media through desktops has reduced by more than 20 percent in the past years.

2.      Extensive Reach

Most of the marketers use one size fits all approach for the devices. Mostly, the mobile strategy is treated as an add-on to the primary desktop advertising program. However, with over 3.5 billion mobile internet users, it is crucial to put mobile at the front-stage now.

3.      Improved User Experience

Your visitors are the potential customers and ultimately the king. No business wants to jeopardize the communication with the clients. Well, now this communication is taking place on your site, which may be cumbersome. Why not take the entire content on the mobile arena and make the interaction seamless?

4.      Competition

Many companies are investing in a seamless mobile user experience, including your competitors. If you want to have an edge over them or at least be at par, you need to appease your mobile visitors. The design should be user-friendly with easy navigation. You should focus on intuitive UI, high-quality photos aligning to the content, optimized loading speed, and so on.  

5.      Paid Search Clicks

Mobile devices make up for almost half of the paid search clicks. People now use multiple devices for shopping. Mobile usage in this regard has increased because of higher convenience and less time required.

Although the majority of paid search conversions occur on desktops, mobile has a key role in this journey. The motivation to research and brand awareness owes mainly to smartphones. Moreover, the number of paid search clicks on mobile devices is growing rapidly with a persistent reduction in the clicks on the desktop.

6.      Default Mobile-First Indexing on Google

In 2019, the search engine giant announced to make the mobile-first indexing as default for ranking sites. It implies that Google’s smartphone bot will crawl a website and analyze whether it is mobile friendly to index its webpages, snippets, structured data, and other stuff.

Regardless of the website being new or an existing one, mobile-first indexing is a make or break factor for it. The new websites will be solely crawled on their mobile design while the existing ones would be crawled partly on the content like images, videos, and meta-data as well.

7.      Customer Retention

Both existing and potential customers tend to return for shopping after having a good mobile user experience. Statistics show that 93 percent of the potential consumers who use smartphones for research always make a purchase in case of the retail stores.

That means you stand the risk of losing your customers if you do not pay due attention to your mobile site. In fact, research shows that 40 percent of mobile customers leave a subpar mobile website and switch to a competitor’s site after a bad experience.

8.      Traffic Source

Mobile devices give 70 percent of online traffic. Earlier, only one-fourth of the traffic was coming from mobile but the percentage has increased by a whopping amount in 2020. If you are leaving mobile out of our focused marketing strategy, you are ignoring a gigantic portion of your target audience.

9.      Unique Clicks

A study shows that a company can garner 15 percent more unique clicks through mobile-optimized sites. That means more expanded brand awareness and increased traffic to the site. The aforementioned statistics imply that mobile-optimized sites can also increase the conversion rate. Hence, focusing on mobile in your marketing approach is crucial for your business.  

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