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    A Famous Female Writer From The Outskirts of The Railroad Tracks

    Success can come to anyone. Effort, education, vision, and prayer are the most important things to achieve it. It cannot be denied that many are struggling, but have not been able to get what they dreamed of. There are also with the maximum effort, they can get what they want. In fact, there are those who do not struggle at all, because of sustenance, they can get extraordinary things that they never even dreamed of. For many it’s always been an issue to pursue higher studies due to expensive education but thanks to the organizations that award funded scholarships to students in order to help them out with their education.

    Talk about profession. We know that there are many kinds of professions. Entrepreneurs, police, teachers, employees, and many more. Every profession has its advantages and disadvantages. The author will discuss the profession as a “writer” and the great woman who inspired many people through her writing.

    Being a writer sounds very trivial. Just write and write. A very unproductive profession maybe for some people. But being a writer also has many positive values. Many things can be stated through writing. And not a few people with an interest in reading or just looking for data through writing. Even businessmen read books. The real writer is a person who can inspire many people through his writing.

    Asmarina Rosalba, otherwise known as Asma Nadia’s pen name, is a well-known Indonesian novelist and short story writer. This woman who was born on June 23, 1972 in Jakarta has published more than 20 novels and short stories with the best works of which are Assalamu’alaikum, Beijing! and Surga Yang Tak Dirindukan. She is also known as the manager of the Lingkar Pena Forum and the founder of Asma Nadia Publishing House.

    Asma Nadia is married to Isa Alamsyah who is a writer. They are blessed with two childrens, Eva Maria Putri Salsabila and Adam Putra Firdaus. Their children also pursue writing. Two of Asma Nadia’s brothers, Helvy Tiana Rosa and Aeron Tomino also pursue the same interest, namely writing as was done by their grandfather, Teuku Muhammad Usman El Muhammady, a journalist, writer, musician at his time.

       Since childhood, Asma Nadia grew up in a family that loves writing. Asma Nadia doesn’t just get to be a famous writer. Ups and downs and many obstacles have become a daily routine before achieving success. Her family lived a nomadic life before her father succeeded as a songwriter. This clearly shows that Asma Nadia is not from an affluent family. They even lived on the outskirts of the railroad tracks.

    Her mother, Maria Erry Susianty, likes to write diaries. She also took her children to cover their books as a form of glorifying these books. Asma Nadia always sees her mother writing diaries and that makes her a person who likes to read and write. Asma Nadia’s penchant for writing has become a habit. Every opportunity arises in her spare time to write and read.

    The obstacles that Asma Nadia experienced were various. Initially started when she was 7 years old. At that time she had a nightmare and hit her head on the bed made of old metal. Her parents thought it was just a clash and let it go. But little Asma continued to feel pain for several days. Then her parents checked again, and it turned out that little Asma was affected by a brain stir and the doctor suggested a complete check-up.

    As if it had not decreased, little Asma’s suffering increased. Her heart and lungs had problems and were not healthy. All that happened when Asma was 7 years old. For ten years she could not be separated from taking medication, always checked up to the doctor, and moved to hospitals for treatment. Asma said that when the pain came, she wanted to hit her head against the wall.

    Even so, Asma Nadia’s enthusiasm for recovery was greater than the pain she felt. One of them is because she feels grateful because she is more fortunate than when she sees other people in a worse condition than her. And the support from her parents also keeps her going and is sure of healing. With various illnesses that have befallen her, Asma continues her school cheerfully and keeps hanging out with her friends.

    With the economic problems faced by her family, not only  her mother racking her brains to be able to fulfill Asma and her two siblings’ every need, even Asma herself also helps her mother by renting out the books she has to her friends. And she made the money from the rental to buy new books. Little Asma grew into a teenage girl.

    Asma Nadia is an accomplished teenager. She has participated in a competition held by one of the television stations, TVRI, and won a prize. She is also a student at one of the popular universities, the Bogor Agricultural Institute. Unfortunately, after 2 years as a student, Asma had to bury her dreams and. She had to leave college because of the worsening of her concussion.

    Of course it made her want to give up. But she undone it, because of the support, enthusiasm, and motivation of her parents. Her parents believed in Asma that God would not only provide one way. This was enough to make Asma believe again.

    With her retiring from lectures, Asma did not stop trying. She attended Arabic and English courses. She is also actively writing, putting her thoughts into writing. Her writings have also inspired millions of people in Indonesia. Many of her works were also filmed. In fact, she also collaborated with other authors in writing books. Until now Asma continues to write. She has also visited more than 50 countries in the world with various interests.

    Asma Nadia is often invited to fill in an event, both domestically and abroad. Not only that. Her success in the field of writing can also be seen by building a library for the poor called Asma Nadia Reading House, which up to now has 184 libraries spread across several islands in Indonesia and even in Hong Kong.

    It doesn’t stop there, Asma Nadia’s success can also be seen from the business she manages. She also founded the publisher Asma Nadia Publishing House, and also pioneered the Writing Community which has 12,000 members. In her opinion, women must also creative, because the challenges of this nation’s life cannot only be borne by men. It does not have to be in the office, but through hobbies can also increase women’s creativity.

    And now Asma Nadia lives happily with her family as a writer who has inspired many people through her writings.

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