Accessories and setting up of Huawei watch band 4

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Welcome to another write up of huawei watch band 4, well with the launch of the huawei band 4 we plan to take on the other famous budget fitness bands like the ME band so starting with the box it’s a very minimalist thing and like the primary features of the band are mentioned on the back of the box. You can see the rest of the product manufacturing details on the side of the box on the right side of box this is a QR code that redirects you to the App Store or the Google Play Store to download the huawei health app so without further ado let’s dig in.


The huawei watch band 4 is in the case along with the QuickStart guide and the warranty card you’ll notice that no charging cable is present in the box’s because the band has an inbuilt USB type connector it is lightweight and is only 24 drops the build quality on the strap feels good the silicon rubber band is stretchable and there is no texture on the band it comes in three different colors but is only available in the graphite black color in our country.

On the other side of the band, we have the heart rate sensor and the buttons to detach the band on sides upon pressing the right button became the USB type connector you can directly plug this into a USB port and the band will start charging no need to carry a different cable for your van whenever you are on the go.

Setting up of huawei watch band 4

 If you want to set up the huawei watch band 4 and start the pairing process to get started with the band you’ll have to download the huawei health app you can either look it up in the App Store or the Play Store or you can just simply scan the QR code on the right side of the box.

once downloaded launch the app, the app will ask for a bunch of permissions upon the first launch now go to the Devices tab and click Add then tap the smart band option initially the app will update the device list this will take a minute or two once done it will give you a list of the available band supported by the app select huawei watch band 4 and click on the pair button then the app will start scanning for the band but first, we’ll have to turn on the band for turning on the huawei watch band 4 for plugging it into any USB port, in this case, I’ll plug it in a portable charger for the initial boot up the band will vibrate once it’s been plugged in and it will start up and then show a message to install the app and clear the ban click on the pair button in the app.

The app will detect the Hawaii band food tab, the Huawei band full option in the device list and it will start the pairing process. We’ll get a connection request on the band to click on the green tick to proceed with the pairing process and we are done. It’s this easy to pay the Hawaii band.  who hit continue on the app and it will ask for a bunch of permissions to show notifications and for proper working after this will land on the fitness band – food on the huawei health app we can configure almost all the settings and browse the insights from this – food the band is now active and we can start building it the huawei band food features.


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